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The Kidnapped Soldier

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The Story of The Kidnapped Soldier


A Soldier His Officer James Want him to save a boy in Los Santos


Then The Soldier Go To Los Santos (because He in Las Venturas)


After He Arrived To Los Santos 


He Founds The Boy but there was Russians


Then The Soldier Kills Them All and save the boy


After That Russians Put The Soldier On Trap Then They Take Him To a Giant Ship in San Fierro


After That He Escaped From The Ship


After 2 Days He Founds Someone Names ''Leon"


He Helped Him

After That in The Same Day


Leon Watch The News And News Said ''There Are Russians in San Fierro And Cops Couldn't Stop Them''


Then Leon Tell To The Soldier


And Soldier Go And Kills Them All


After He kills Him The Boy Heard He has A friend With Him


and he said to a russians ''Bring Him To Me''


And The Russians Kidnapped Leon


After The Soldier Know About That He Goes To The Same Ship That He escaped to save Him


He Was Going To Save Him But The Boy and some Russians Caught Them


After That They Go To Vlad (The Boy's Father)


after That Vlad Surprise The Soldier That is Officer James Is one Of The Russians


after That The Soldier Gets Mad and kill The Russians and put bombs to destroy The Ship


After That he meet Vlad And His Son


and He Kills Them. Officer James Escaped To Las Venturas 


after They get out of the Ship It explode


and The Soldier Leaves Leon To Kill Officer James


After 2 days he arrived to Las Venturas and kill every Soldier and cops


after he kills them he found James And Kill Them


The End


Want To Try it


Download It Here 








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