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How does GTA Advance affect the 3D Era stories ?


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GTA Advance is the only GTA game currently which doesn't involve Dan Houser for producing and writing the game so the game plot could very well be non canon. Does the story clashed with what happened in GTA LCS and GTA 3 or does it complement it ? Is it even a good story to begin with ?

Edited by leqz97
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On 04/10/2020 at 09:51, leqz97 said:

GTA Advance é o único jogo GTA atualmente que não envolve Dan Houser para produzir e escrever o jogo, então a trama do jogo pode muito bem ser não canônica. A história colide com o que aconteceu no GTA LCS e no GTA 3 ou complementa? É mesmo uma boa história para começar?

its plot is very good, it just won't have the same style as the classic GTAs because Nintendo would bar if done, but the Advance story happens 1 year before the events of GTA 3.

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I've always thought the basic concepts of the story had a lot of potential. Advance is surprisingly good for what it is. They did a really good job of capturing the look and feel of GTA III. The problem was they couldn't get the same kind of depth and storytelling as the main series games because all they had to work with were art stills and short bits of text. If Advance had been remade as a full 3D game and rewritten/fleshed out it could have been a very compelling story. Real cutscenes fleshing out Vinnie and his manipulation of Mike at the start and the whole reveal of the truth at the end would be really good. Plus the missions themselves tended to be interesting. Freedom Flies would be awesome in 3D, a dash to the airport with 6 stars and a Dodo getaway. 


As far as how it relates to III and LCS, I'd say it doesn't matter much either way. It doesn't really effect the others positively or negatively, you can just kind of see it being this other story that happened. It offers some decent explorations of characters that were underplayed in III like Courtney and 8-Ball. They tried to provide some context and build on III with small connections like Mike being responsible for that destroyed building, and Fort Staunton actually having been a military base, showing how 8-Ball's hands got burned. They did a good job with that. There are some oddities with the map like Asuka's mansion which just doesn't exist in III/LCS. But again, it doesn't really add or detract from the other games too much. It just stands on its own and adds some stuff to the larger story of the GTA world.


Actually I feel like Fort Staunton being a military base in Advance was helped a lot by Toni destroying it in LCS. You could imagine that after a huge terrorist attack, the area would be secured and seized by the authorities before construction began, so you can see that progression between the three games. A remake really would have helped smooth and explain all that. Shame the opportunity for that is long gone. 


I personally hold it to be canon. I think it adds enough to be valuable to the overall 3D universe, and the little clashes and problems are ultimately no worse than those that exist between basically all of the 3D era games. 

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Not sure if this thread is truly dead, but this game shoes how 8-Ball was arrested and how his hands were burnt. The only contradiction this game truly has was the absence of Miguel, who was replaced with Cisco.

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