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Police officers police vehicles and tactics more realism

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Rockstar should go more in depth with the police their vehicles and the wanted system if you seen the wanted system on watchdogs then you'll know what I mean you have to avoid the spot light from the police cars at night as well as both officers on foot and in vehicles similar to real life but more in depth the police on six should be the same where they use spotlights and flashlights on foot and in the vehicles as well as k9s and you have to avoid every one of those as well of line of sight even lose the dogs smell there should be police perimeters and arrest warrant when you lose one star they're still actively searching for you just haven't been spotted there should be different vehicles not only from marked to unmarked but different agencies police sheriff highway patrol every different police vehicle that has been featured in 4 and 5 Should be in 6 with different variations even the fictional buffalo police vehicle or for six they should feature a fictional version of the fpiu im not a modder but that would be nice

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I agree with everything except for the warrant part, that sounds like it would get annoying for anyone who likes causing random mayhem.


That said, punctuation exists. You should try using it.


Also, welcome to GTAforums.

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In my opinion,wanted level should mostly be a mix of that from GTA SA and GTA 4.Like in GTA SA,cops shouldn't shoot you if you have only 1 star and are unarmed and should instead use a nightstick to subdue you,patrol cars and and occasionally motorcycle cops and cops on foot should patrol the streets,and at 6 stars national guard should come after you.From GTA 4 they should take the feature of cops arresting NPCs who commit crimes,and the feature of losing wanted level if you get far enough away from the crime scene.They should also implement a new feature where if the cops don't see you they would only know your general location but wouldn't be able to pinpoint your exact location with 100% accuracy as if they put a tracker on you,and maybe take a feature from Mafia 2 that would let you bribe the cops to let you go if they catch you with only 1 or 2 stars.

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I just don't want the cops to f*ckin rubberband themselves into me but other than that its fine

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won’t be realistic if cops arrest people instead of shooting them, so I hope Rockstar doesn’t implement that.

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Grope made a fantastic topic on this before V, some of his ideas would be great:



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Posted (edited)

Wanting system should be more plausible but not ultra-realistic. Why do you get a wanted level by using remote bombs e.g., to be plausible you should get the wanting level as soon as you plant a bomb if even at all, but not after detonating them, only one example.

Edited by Aquamaniac

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The wanted system need to be tweaked a bit so the player can do whatever the player want to do UNTIL the police locate the player. I hate when I become wanted and it prohibit me to buy stuff or take a haircut or take a cab. How the hell do the cashier, the barber or the taxi driver know that sort of stuff!? The security guards should also not been able to re-activate the wanted level if the player are in a place with no police presence at all.

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