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If you guys think about the Cities In Gta franchise, we know that Liberty City (excluding the first and second gta of course) was first introduced in Gta 3 for the 3D era and got a HD remake of it in Gta 4,San Andreas first introduced in Gta:Sa was given a overhauled fresh, look in Gta 5.So which city is left out from this list? That's right:Vice City is the only city left to have an official remake by Rockstar Games. But it doesn't feel right to have just one map so there is meant to be atleast one more city with Vice City,

but that's my opinion.One thing's for sure: Vice City is definetly coming. 


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ian the ian

San Fierro and Las Venturas?

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Tbh that's not how rockstar chooses which location they will do next. They dont sit in their office and look at the patterns and say "oh look we did those settings, now we have to do that one". They also dont care what fans really want as long as the setting works and makes sense. I dont have a link but Dan Houser said for GTA 5 they set it in LA because of the financial crisis and the fact that LA is one of the most prominent economical places in US and the biggest in the west. It made sense to set the game there in 2013 to see how the city would be during this crisis (or the aftermath of it). Now, in 2020 or even the years before, which setting makes the most sense to set another GTA? Personally, I think it should be either Miami or Chicago. Chicago because we're going towards a dark era. I personally feel like the 2020s will be much darker than the 2010s. Setting the game in the dark and gloomy Chicago can capture that feeling. Also with lots of corruption, etc Chicago works best for that. But Vice City also works due to the high number of drug traficking and illegal immigration and all the Trump thing regarding the american war on drugs and immigration. But remember, it has to make sense as to why they chose it. It culd very well be Vice City, but i dont think it will Vice City simply becuase they have to follow the pattern and need to remake the city.

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I think it will end up being Vice City. But they’ll make it work wherever. Even if they did Liberty City again I wouldn’t be that bothered cos I know they would reimagine it great for next gen.



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