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Gta Crashes as soon as I load online - "err_sys_invalidsource_5"


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Everytime i try to go online, as soon as i load in, i get an error saying "err_sys_invalidresource_5" or it will tell me my game data is corrupt and everything needs to be reinstalled. ive reinstalled the game, i tried to delete all my mods (not sure if i got them all), i verified the game files through Rockstar launcher, i deleted host file, i replaced host file, i checked firewall, i added a dinput8.dll file to my game directory, updated my launcher, and even updated my graphics card. I have no idea why this is happening. I could really use some assistance. I dont know what the f*ck im doing so anything would be helpful. Im worried it is an issue with impulse because their support team is f*cking awful. anything helps!

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Wow, sounds like you have tried quite a bit and I had a quick google of the error, and see now why you tried the hosts file. Have you tried a steam verification of files (if it is a steam version)? 


Finding the one thing that is causing this could be very difficult and maybe someone here will have a better way to help but here is what I would do: 


First, try just renaming the "mods" folder to something like "mods - broke" to see if that gets rid of the issue - if it does then there is something (via OpenIV) that is causing the issue - e.g. a vehicle pack or one of these "enhanced graphics" mods. 


Still not working I would start from scratch - time consuming I know but I have learned from experience, sometimes nuking the install is quicker than trying to find the cause. 


- Rename the Grand Theft Auto V folder to something like "Grand Theft Auto V Broke"

- Download and install again from fresh

- Check it works with no mods / plugins

- Now start adding mods / plugins one by one, testing as you go and if it suddenly breaks - remove the last thing you had as that was the likely problem.


If that doesn't help, I am sorry I don't know what else to suggest.  

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