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unable to get dlc vehicles.meta to override original


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OK - so I am trying to be clever and it aint working... 


I had this crazy idea of putting all the replacement and add on vehicles I want to use into a personal dlc pack so I can control the vehicles, textures, handling etc and make a reinstall really quick. (copy, paste, a line in the dlclist). Plus, I wont forget what I did 6 months ago to fix issues. 


But I have noticed that the vehicles.meta does not always take priority over the original in game. for example. 


I tried to replace pranger and put the info in my vehicles.meta and the roof lightbar would spawn black. 

I checked my vehicles.meta had the diffusetint to 0x00FFFFFF which id did. 

Renaming the vehicle and the reference in my vehicles.meta to pranger2 resolved it. 


When I change the diffusetint in the original from 0xAA0A0A0A to 0x00FFFFFF, it works (but obviously was trying to avoid that and keep it separate for easy install). 


So the pack is working, the meta is correct but the original seems to override my extra one. Is there a way to stop that and make it use mine without having to use an addon vehicle rather than replacement? I have had other issues with other vehicles I abandoned which seems be down to this too. e.g. hand positions wrong in replacement, but OK as addon (FBI2), 


Have tried the advice found here but still not overriding: 



Many thanks. 

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