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I have a problem.

So I cant pasa the mission the shootist. I get always 16_17 point in 1st round, not higher.

 Please help me what cheat code I need to add or what I need to do for easily pass the mission. Thank you so much!

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After not playing VC for a while and then replaying through it I had a hard time doing this mission the first time, but then I realised you have to make up as much points as you can in the first round as its the easiest and you dont have to move the aimer as much. After that you can get a more sh*ttier score but atleast keep trying to get enough. change the invert aim aswell if it doesnt suit your aiming skills for this game ( thats if your using xbox/ps2). good luck and No there are no cheats to pass this level on console. only on pc you can download a save file of the mission after it.

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