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the blood patch makes game not being able to continue

grove boi

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so in the mission bomb da base act: ii you have to snipe some columbian assholes to make 8 ball plant the bomb in the ship for it to sink simple right? with the blood patch you can't use sniper rifles which makes the mission unplayable any fixes?

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yeah but 8 ball just runs straight in when you fire a single shot and gets killed very easily by the columbians

never mind i found a way i tried to use the cheat guns guns guns got a m4 then i used the gore level effect to change the scope style to one which the sniper rifle uses lock this or delete this but thanks anyways 

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yeah but they burn down your armor quickly

i mean i could do side missions to get max health and armor but come on they take a lot of time and i don't have enough time to play through these side mission bullsh*t

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