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I can't unlock the Kifflom T shirt

Johnny Forelli

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A friend told me that if I tip the attendant in the bathroom, I would get an Epsilon robe and if I get my character drunk until it passes out, I would end up on the roof of the Epsilon building wearing a Kifflom T shirt.


I've unlocked the Epsilon robe but not the Epsilon Kifflom T shirt. I got my character drunk until he passed out around over 100+ times and nothing. So far my character has woken up shirtless on Mount Chilliard or in the nightclub and not on top of the Epsilon building.

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Its about as random as winning a plushie from the Wasabi Kitty Claw Machine.


I was kinda lucky and got it on my 3rd attempt.

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2 hours ago, Shadowfennekin said:

Welcome to my world, I drank that sh*t 1000+ times and never got it

the robes are superior so I just stopped once it was introduced

I don't know why Rockstar even bothered putting it in the game if you can't even get it to begin with

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2 hours ago, Johnny Forelli said:

Wait, there's a tattoo as well??? 😐

If you feel like doing the long and tedious bunker resupply, yeah.


I find that tattoo pointless though, especially since PRB is a back tattoo!

That and.... going shirtless isn't exciting in this game. Males aren't jacked and look rather ugly without shirts

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