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Catalina deserves more screentime in this game


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Not sure how many people will agree, but I felt that the game's storyline would have been better had Catalina appeared more often. After all, she is the main antagonist of the game (and the only female antagonist as well), and it would have been much more interesting to learn more about her crime life, especially her leadership with the Colombian Cartel. Also, I'm probably alone when I say this, but as much as I enjoyed killing her at the end, I still felt her death was a bit anti-climatic. I was expecting her to put up a real fight against the main character and get a much more satisfying death. I think Catalina should have appeared in more missions in this game so we could see more of her badass moments here.

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4 hours ago, NileshKumar said:

Lol now @Evil empire comes and says "Catalina is a fictional character in a game which is already made". (No Offense dude)

I'm not that predictable. 31.gif


I agree it would have been cool if Catalina appeared more oftenly but I appreciate the final fight.

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I dunno. I get how more storytelling about Catalina would have helped make the narrative feel more traditional and/or cinematic, but I've always liked the sort of meandering nature of the plot of GTA3 - one which is irreverent towards everything going on inside its world, even when it comes to its own story. It gets to it when it gets to it, and I think it comes off more authentic and realistic for it.

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  • 1 year later...

I agree with you. I also wanted to learn more about her past, including how she started her hate on men.

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