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The Chain Game - Round 152


Recommended Posts

The Chain Game - Round 152

This is not a modded game

Approved mods are still approved (SP, Widscreen Fix).
Prohibited mods are still prohibited (cleo, editing, 2DFX)
SnP can be used to convert save IDs and script versions as required.
All players are expected to verify and convert IPL flags so they see or control the appropriate barriers. No version gets to bypass the barriers; anyone can complete any mission.

Do not use cheats or trainers.

Do not save after getting busted or wasted.

The Chain Game is for anyone who wants to play along, we are going to start a game from the beginning and take it to 100%.
Please read the Rules/Guidelines or the Newbie's Quick Start Guide before you start to play.
The Rules/Guidelines are here so that the game can progress and everyone can have an enjoyable experience while making a contribution to its completion.

Joining the Chain Game is easy and new players are always welcome. If you're new and want to plunge right in, simply follow the Quick Start Guide for now and read the complete set of rules later. You're excused for now, but eventually you'll have to...  ;)

Newbie's Quick Start Guide (by rubregg)

  • Call a turn by posting in this topic
  • Download the last save
  • Play one mission
  • Upload your save on gtasnp.com or the New uploader by hmvartak,
  • Post the link to your game back here within 3 hours. Edit your original posting to do this. Have a look at other players' postings and you'll get the idea.

  • Call the mission that you want to do or just call a turn by posting in the topic.
  • The definition of a "mission" is "any named mission". Examples are "In the Beginning" "Learning to Fly" and "Big Smoke". If the save file name changes, then it's a "named mission" There are a few exceptions (see below).
  • Download the previously posted save file. We want to use the same save file throughout the game and take it to 100%.
  • Use the posting format (see below for the format).
  • Complete ONE named mission only, save it and post a link back in the topic (use edit). See below for a listing of 'named' missions that are 'lame' & may be done with one other 'named' mission.  
  • Use GTASnP.com to upload.
  • Wait until 2 other turns have been completed before calling another mission.
  • If 4 hours pass without another gamer calling a mission, then the 2 mission rule is reset & anyone may call a turn.
  • Time limit to complete the mission is 3 hours. We will use the post time in the topic. The timer starts when a mission is called. After 3 hours and the caller has not posted, it's a forfeit and anyone else may call a mission.
  • The caller may call a forfeit. The forfeiter should wait at least one turn before calling another mission/turn. The forfeited turn will not count towards the '2-mission' rule.  
  • In the event of two gamers calling a mission the first one does the called mission.
  • Mission strategy is up to the caller - just don't use cheats/trainers.
  • Do not save after getting busted or wasted.
  • The caller may purchase/collect items (weapons, etc.), eat, dress, date, get a tattoo, workout & get a haircut for CJ.
  • The caller may do any non-named missions/collections/deliveries in the 3 hours. Please report any extra stuff in the Notes section.
  • We expect the players to also adhere to the gtaforums.com rules. This will include "No warez/piracy (linking to, requesting or discussion of illegally obtaining copyrighted material) & Never open multiple accounts."

    A request to all players:
    Please try to post the completion percentage from the stats after you have completed your turn. This will help in putting together the stats at the end of the round  (stats by SorveteQuente). The completion % can be found in STATS/MISC.

  • Do not fail a mission unless it's to collect a special vehicle (BP/DP/EP/FP). If a special vehicle has been collected, let us know in the Notes section.
  • Avoid known glitch situations, though you may use the the one for "NRG-500" and the Ammu-Nation glitch (but remember that some players like to see the clip count which disappears when the ammo exceeds 9999).
  • Try to save with full armor.
  • Collect ammo when possible.
  • Save close to available missions when possible.
  • Let’s try to have the last save for 100% be "End of the Line”, so let’s try to get everything else done before that.
  • "Lame Missions":
    Some missions are Named Missions although they are in fact only cut scenes without any action going on. These missions *are now Free Missions* and can be combined with any other one Named Mission. --> Examples: Verdant Meadows, Fish in a Barrel
  • Stadium Events:
    All Stadium Events, BMX & NRG-500 *are now Free Missions* and can be combined with any other one Named Mission.
  • Race Tournaments:
    With the exception of the 3 races you do within the storyline (Lowrider, Badlands A/B), all races *are no longer Named Missions*.
    --> You can do up to 3 races and/or Stadium Event(s) if you don't do a Named Mission as well.
    --> You can do 1 race or Stadium Event if you also do a Named Mission.
    (Thanks to rubregg for putting the 'Lame' missions rule together)
  • Have FUN!

    <Here's a link for The Chain Game FAQ>

Maps for Collectibles:

For those who would like to spray tags/collect oysters/take snapshots/gather horseshoes, you can use the program for SAMA, it will provide relevant maps showing which ones are left.

Link to rubregg's Easy script switcher (PC)

Here is the posting format to use:
Mission: Use the mission name as it appears on the screen. Don't use mission descriptions like 'that mission where you chase the jet'
Called by: Use your handle.
Status: 'in progress' or 'completed'.
Notes: anything pertinent to the mission/strategy or extra stuff done.
Completion %: from stats section


[color=f97330][b]Mission: [/b][/color]
[color=f97330][b]Called by: [/b][/color]
[color=f97330][b]Link: [/b][/color]
[color=f97330][b]Status: [/b][/color]
[color=f97330][b]Completion: [/b][/color]
[color=f97330][b]Notes: [/b][/color]



Supplement to the rules of the Chain Game (V 1.0 and V 2.0)

--- by crazyanurag & JAJ---

This supplement is designed to discuss some of the technicalities of the Chain Game's rules, and it was thought best to provide these in the original post.

(1) Abuse of the '3-mission' rule:

   Callers are encouraged to understand the basic ethos of the Chain Game. One should only call a mission, once the previous caller has completed his/her called mission and posted the new save. That's the basic idea of the chain: a new link can only be attached as long as the previous one is bound. Hence, to call a mission while a previous one is being completed, defeats the entire logic of the chain. In such a case, one can actually wait around and call every 5th mission beforehand, and negate the possibility of others to call the mission. This seems to be a fine loophole of the 3-mission rule, which callers should not exploit. Let's also consider the fact that when a mission/turn is called that the 3 hour timer has started.

(2) Exceptions to the 'One Named Mission' rule:

  [*]"King In Exile"
  [*]"First Date"
  [*]"First Base"
  [*]"Gone Courting"
  [*]"Made in Heaven"

   The above missions are all cut scenes in the Catalina strand in the Badlands. The icons for her missions trigger each of these, in sequence, though it is up to the caller to decide which of Catalina's jobs they'd want to pull off. In each such case, the caller should call the cut scene (like "First date") and also the job (e.g.: "Local Liquor Store"). The format should be: Missions: First Date/Local Liquor Store. The caller can't help but do a 'double', so to say, as one can't save after the cut scenes, and in these cases the 'one named mission' rule is exempted.

 [*]"Back to School"
 [*]"Learning to Fly" (does not change the save file name)
 [*]"Boat School" (does not change the save file name)
 [*]"Bike School" (does not change the save file name)

   The above vehicular schools are comprised of 'named' tests (e.g.: "Burn and Lap", "Circle the Airstrip", "Land, Sea, and Air", "Stoppie" etc.). Callers should take note that 'named' tests are not equivalent to 'named missions'. Hence, callers should call schools and not particular tests, even though it may seem, for some, to be against the 'one named mission' rule. To call and do one single test, or only a set of two/three tests, would only add confusion to future callers, and be an impediment to the progress of the Chain Game. Callers also note: in the posting format, you should use "Back to School" and "Learning to Fly" and not 'Driving School' and 'Flying School'.

 [*] The 'CV' icon at Wang Auto after "Back to School" and "Yay Ka Boom Boom" are completed

   This one's a little different from the first four, as even though an icon appears for Cesar on the map, and you go to the dealership at Doherty, it is not followed by a mission, and instead opens up Cesar's strand at San Fierro. This is different, also, from "Verdant Meadows" because even though the mechanic involved is the same, the latter is a named mission, while this is not. Callers may buy Wang Auto after the completion of "Back to School" or "Yay Ka Boom Boom" (whichever is done later), and this will not be considered as a violation of the 'one named mission' rule. Alternatively, callers may buy it before starting "Zeroing In", if it wasn't purchased beforehand.

(3) Missions exempt from the 'One Named Mission' rule:

 [*] The Chiliad Challenge
 [*] "Verdant Meadows", as mentioned above
 [*] "Fish in a Barrel"
 [*] "Stadiom Events"
 [*] "BMX"
 [*] "NRG-500"
 [*] Los Santos Race Tournaments
 [*] San Fierro Race Tournaments
 [*] Las Venturas Race Tournaments (Cars)
 [*] Las Venturas Racing Tournaments (Aircraft)

(4) Non-storyline missions which alter the save names:

[*] BMX (now a "Free mission")
[*] NRG-500 (now a "Free mission")
[*] Zero's Missions
[*] Cesar's Missions in San Fierro
[*] Heist Missions in Las Venturas

(5) Other things to keep in mind:

[*] Dating : All callers can help CJ progress with any of the 6 girlfriends in the game. It does not have to be called separately, and if it is, then the '3 hour' rule will apply as always. It is best not to alter CJ physically and instead collect all oysters as soon as possible to make him forever desirable.

 [*] Import/Export : All callers are allowed to participate in exporting cars, and this does not have to be called separately. Callers, however, must remain true to the spirit of the Chain Game and only export cars when full earnings can be availed. Do not export damaged cars. Callers can also help by storing cars on the lists beforehand as and when they come across these. The Cheetah and the Huntley are probably best to stock up early.

Have fun playing!

This is not a modded game.

Thanks to crazyanurag, ajkhan316', Plaka, Tornado Rex, & wolf68k for helping put this together.
Also thanks to:
Samutz for the [SnP] Uploader/Downloader.
I got the idea for the Chain Game from Orion_SR 08/05.

The Chain Game Officers are:
Girish (Honorary)


This post is retro to the Chain Game beginnings with a few changes.



Edited by JAJ
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100% Checklist
Percentage Complete: 100%


Completed Missions
Available Missions
Unavailable Missions
Player who completed the Missions

Big Smoke - JAJ
Sweet & Kendl - JAJ
Ryder - SorveteQuente

Sweet Johnson
Tagging Up Turf - Mr JoeStalin
Cleaning the Hood - HomieEnzo
Drive-Thru - Mr JoeStalin
Nines and AKs - SorveteQuente
Drive-By - Mr JoeStalin
Sweet's Girl - SorveteQuente
Cesar Vialpando - HomieEnzo
Doberman - SorveteQuente
Los Sepulcros - SorveteQuente
Reuniting the Families - SorveteQuente
The Green Sabre - Mr JoeStalin

Big Smoke
OG Loc - Mr JoeStalin
Running Dog - SorveteQuente
Wrong Side of the Tracks - BayuSumardi
Just Business - Mr JoeStalin

Home Invasion - BayuSumardi
Catalyst - SorveteQuente
Robbing Uncle Sam - BayuSumardi

OG Loc
Life's a Beach - Mr JoeStalin
Madd Dogg's Rhymes - SorveteQuente
Management Issues - Mr JoeStalin
House Party - SorveteQuente

C.R.A.S.H. (LS)
Burning Desire - SorveteQuente
Gray Imports - JAJ
Badlands - Mahdi04

Cesar Vialpando
High Stakes, Low-Rider - JAJ (1:21)
Wu Zi Mu - JAJ (3:04)
Farewell, My Love... - SorveteQuente (2:33)

First Date - SorveteQuente (1)
First Base - Mahdi04 (2)
Gone Courting - SorveteQuente (3)
Made in Heaven - BayuSumardi (4)

Against All Odds - Mahdi04 (2)
Local Liquor Store - BayuSumardi (4)
Small Town Bank - SorveteQuente (3)
Tanker Commander - SorveteQuente (1)

The Truth
Body Harvest - JAJ
Are You Going to San Fierro? - JAJ

Doherty Garage
Wear Flowers in Your Hair - BayuSumardi
Deconstruction - JAJ

C.R.A.S.H. (SF)
555 WE Tip - JAJ
Snail Trail - Mr JoeStalin

Air Raid - BayuSumardi
Supply Lines... - BayuSumardi
New Model Army - BayuSumardi

Loco Syndicate
Photo Opportunity - JAJ
Jizzy - SorveteQuente
T-Bone Mendez - BayuSumardi
Mike Toreno - JAJ
Outrider - JAJ
Ice Cold Killa - Lenzar
Pier 69 - JAJ
Toreno's Last Flight - Mr JoeStalin
Yay Ka-Boom-Boom - BayuSumardi

Wu Zi Mu
Mountain Cloud Boys - Lenzar
Ran Fa Li - JAJ
Lure - JAJ
Amphibious Assault - BayuSumardi
The Da Nang Thang - BayuSumardi

Wang Cars
Back To School - SorveteQuente
Zeroing In - Mr JoeStalin
Test Drive - BayuSumardi
Customs Fast Track - BayuSumardi
Puncture Wounds - JAJ

Mike Toreno
Monster - BayuSumardi (4:11)
Highjack - BayuSumardi
Interdiction - BayuSumardi
Verdant Meadows - JAJ

The Airstrip
Learning To Fly - JAJ
N.O.E. - Mr JoeStalin
Stowaway - BayuSumardi
Black Project - Slamo
Green Goo - JAJ

The Four Dragons Casino
Fender Ketchup - BayuSumardi
Explosive Situation - BayuSumardi
You've Had Your Chips - BayuSumardi
Don Peyote - JAJ
Fish in a Barrel - SorveteQuente
A Home in the Hills - BayuSumardi

The Heist
Architectural Espionage - BayuSumardi
Key To Her Heart - JAJ
Dam and Blast - SorveteQuente
Cop Wheels - SorveteQuente
Up, Up and Away! - SorveteQuente
Breaking the Bank at Caligula's - SorveteQuente

Ken Rosenberg
Intensive Care - SorveteQuente
The Meat Business - SorveteQuente

C.R.A.S.H. (LV)
Misappropriation - SorveteQuente
High Noon - SorveteQuente

Madd Dogg
Madd Dogg - SorveteQuente

Salvatore Leone
Freefall - JAJ
Saint Mark's Bistro - BayuSumardi

The Mansion
Vertical Bird - SorveteQuente
Home Coming - JAJ
Cut Throat Business - JAJ

Grove Street
Beat Down On B-Dup - SorveteQuente
Grove 4 Life - BayuSumardi

Riot - SorveteQuente
Los Desperados - Mr JoeStalin
End of the Line - SorveteQuente

Gang Tags: 100/100 - Mr JoeStalin (6), BayuSumardi (94)
Snapshots: 50/50 - Mr JoeStalin (1), JAJ (49)
Horseshoes: 50/50 - Mr JoeStalin (1), JAJ (49)
Oysters: 50/50 - Mr JoeStalin (50)

Vehicle Missions
Paramedic - BayuSumardi
Vigilante - SorveteQuente
Firefighter - SorveteQuente
Pimping - JAJ
Taxi: 50/50 - SorveteQuente (50)

Off Road Challenges
BMX Challenge - Mr JoeStalin (2:48)
NRG-500 Challenge - Mr JoeStalin (1:48)

The Chiliad Challenge
Scotch Bonnet Yellow Route - SorveteQuente (1:49)
Birdseye Winder - SorveteQuente (3:04)
Cobra Run - Mr JoeStalin (1:30)

Courier Missions
Roboi's Food Mart - Mr JoeStalin
Hippy Shopper - Mr JoeStalin
Burger Shot - Mr JoeStalin

Stadium Missions
8-Track - BayuSumardi (5:27, 0:24)
Blood Bowl - Mr JoeStalin (1:00)
Dirt Track - Mr JoeStalin (5:31, 0:52)
Kickstart - Mr JoeStalin (61 Points)

Gym Moves
Los Santos Gym - Mr JoeStalin
San Fierro Gym - Mr JoeStalin
Las Venturas Gym - Mr JoeStalin

Mission 1 - SorveteQuente
Mission 2 - SorveteQuente
Mission 3 - SorveteQuente
Mission 4 - SorveteQuente
Mission 5 - BayuSumardi
Mission 6 - BayuSumardi
Mission 7 - BayuSumardi
Mission 8 - BayuSumardi

Vank Hoff Hotel
Valet Parking - BayuSumardi

Shooting Range - BayuSumardi

Freight Train
Level 1 - JAJ
Level 2 - JAJ

Mission 1 - BayuSumardi
Mission 2 - BayuSumardi
Mission 3 - BayuSumardi
Mission 4 - BayuSumardi
Mission 5 - BayuSumardi
Mission 6 - BayuSumardi
Mission 7 - BayuSumardi

Boat School:
Basic Seamanship - Mr JoeStalin
Plot a Course - Mr JoeStalin
Fresh Slalom - Mr JoeStalin
Flying Fish - Mr JoeStalin
Land, Sea and Air - Mr JoeStalin

Bike School:
The 360 - Mr JoeStalin
The 180 - Mr JoeStalin
The Wheelie - Mr JoeStalin
Jump & Stop - Mr JoeStalin
The Stoppie - Mr JoeStalin
Jump & Stoppie - Mr JoeStalin

Driving School:
The 360 - SorveteQuente
The 180 - SorveteQuente
Whip and Terminate - SorveteQuente
Pop and Control - SorveteQuente
Burn and Lap - SorveteQuente
Cone Coil - SorveteQuente
The '90' - SorveteQuente
Wheelie Weave - SorveteQuente
Spin and Go - SorveteQuente
P.I.T. Maneuver - SorveteQuente
Alley Oop - SorveteQuente
City Slicking - SorveteQuente

Pilot School:
Takeoff - JAJ (Gold, 100%)
Land Plane - JAJ (Gold, 100%)
Circle Airstrip - JAJ (Gold, 100%)
Circle Airstrip and Land - JAJ (Gold, 100%)
Helicopter Takeoff - JAJ (Gold, 100%)
Land Helicopter - JAJ (Gold, 100%)
Destroy Targets - JAJ (Gold, 100%)
Loop-the-Loop - JAJ (Gold, 100%)
Barrel Roll - JAJ (Gold, 100%)
Parachute Onto Target - JAJ (Gold, 100%)

Easter Basin Docks Exports
List 1:
Admiral - JAJ
Buffalo - JAJ
Camper - JAJ
Feltzer - JAJ
Infernus - JAJ
Patriot - JAJ
Remington - JAJ
Sanchez - JAJ
Sentinel - JAJ
Stretch - JAJ

List 2:
Blista Compact - JAJ
Cheetah - JAJ
Comet - JAJ
FCR-900 - JAJ
Rancher - JAJ
Sabre - JAJ
Slamvan - JAJ
Stafford - JAJ
Stallion - JAJ
Tanker - JAJ

List 3:
Banshee - JAJ
BF Injection - JAJ
Blade - JAJ
Euros - JAJ
Freeway - JAJ
Journey - JAJ
Huntley - JAJ
Mesa - JAJ
Super GT - JAJ
ZR-350 - JAJ

Race Tournaments
Los Santos Street Races:
Little Loop - SorveteQuente (0:46)
Backroad Wanderer - SorveteQuente (1:37)
City Circuit - JAJ (1:37)
Vinewood - SorveteQuente (2:31)
Freeway - SorveteQuente (2:13)
Into the Country - SorveteQuente (2:55)

San Fierro Street Races:
Dirtbike Danger - Mr JoeStalin (1:42)
Bandito County - BayuSumardi (2:22)
Go-Go Karting - BayuSumardi (2:11)
San Fierro Fastlane - Mr JoeStalin (1:44)
San Fierro Hills - SorveteQuente (4:14)
Country Endurance - SorveteQuente (4:46)

Las Venturas Street Races:
SF to LV - SorveteQuente (2:55)
Dam Rider - SorveteQuente (1:54)
Desert Tricks - SorveteQuente (1:58)
LV Ringroad - JAJ (2:07)

Las Venturas Air Races:
World War Ace - BayuSumardi (1:53)
Barnstorming - JAJ (4:46)
Military Service - BayuSumardi (4:10)
Chopper Checkpoint - BayuSumardi (2:48)
Whirly Bird Waypoint - BayuSumardi (3:12)
Heli Hell - SorveteQuente (3:24)

Los Santos:
El Corona - SorveteQuente
Jefferson - SorveteQuente
Mulholland - SorveteQuente
Santa Maria Beach - SorveteQuente
Verona Beach - SorveteQuente
Willowfield - SorveteQuente

Angel Pine - Mr JoeStalin
Blueberry - Mr JoeStalin
Dillimore - Mr JoeStalin
Palomino Creek - Mr JoeStalin
Whetstone - Mr JoeStalin

San Fierro:
Calton Heights - JAJ
Chinatown - JAJ
Doherty - JAJ
Hashbury - JAJ
Paradiso - JAJ
Queens - JAJ

El Quebrados - BayuSumardi
Fort Carson - BayuSumardi
Tierra Robada - BayuSumardi

Las Venturas:
Creek - JAJ
Old Venturas Strip - JAJ
Pirates in Men's Pants - JAJ
Prickle Pine - JAJ
Redsands West - JAJ
Rockshore West - JAJ
The Camel's Toe - JAJ
The Clown's Pocket - JAJ
Whitewood Estates - JAJ

Not Required for 100% Completion
Denise Robinson - SorveteQuente
Helena Wankstein
Katie Zhan
Michelle Cannes
Barbara Schternvart
Millie Perkins - JAJ

Beat The Cock:
Santa Maria Beach
Palomino Creek Beach

Vehicle Missions:
Burglary - Mr JoeStalin

Unique Jumps: 9/70 - Mr JoeStalin (9)


Edited by SorveteQuente
Round Complete
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I'll take a turn

Mission: Ryder + Safehouses (6) + Firefighter
Called by: SorveteQuente
Link: https://gtasnp.com/2IFe4f
Status: Completed
Completion %: 4.81%
Notes: * Earned more money from ITB and purchased all safehouses in Los Santos.
* Completed the Firefighter mission.

Edited by SorveteQuente
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Mr JoeStalin

Another day another round




Mission: Tagging Up Turf (6 Tags)
Link: Click Me!:p
Completion %:


-Completed Kickstart with a perfect 61!

-Completed NRG-500 in 1:48!

-Completed BMX in 2:48! (high jump problems)

-Completed Roboi's Food Mart Asset Mission!

-Completed Burglary! (Infinite Sprint rewarded)

-Completed 3 USJs!

-Hitman stats for AK-47 and SMG!

Edited by NileshKumar
OET 22:44 IST, last line
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Mr JoeStalin



Mission: Drive-thru
Link: Click Me!:p

Completion %: 11.23%


-Completed Bloodring!

-Completed Burger Shot Asset Mission!

-2 more USJs done on the way!

-Learnt moves from all 3 gyms! (active:SF)

-Saved at Ganton with FULL armor

Edited by NileshKumar
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I'll take a turn
Mission:High Stakes, Low-rider
Called by: JAJ
Link: <GTASnP>
Completion %: 14.44%
1:21 won $1000.
Collected ammo & a few bikes

Edited by JAJ
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I'll take a turn

Mission: Catalyst + Taxi (33)
Called by: SorveteQuente
Link: https://gtasnp.com/fXAkgT
Status: Completed
Completion %: 16.58%
Notes: * Completed the remaining taxi driver fares.

Edited by SorveteQuente
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I guess HomieEnzo didn't really finish the turn, so I'll take it.

Mission: Robbing Uncle Sam, Tags (94)
Called by: BayuSumardi

Link: https://gtasnp.com/BvFbk3
Status: Completed
Completion %: 17.65%
Notes: Sprayed the rest of the tags, guns now spawn on Johnson's house.

Edited by BayuSumardi
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I'll take a turn

Mission: House Party + Chiliad Challenge (1)
Called by: SorveteQuente
Link: https://gtasnp.com/AbinKp
Status: Completed
Completion %: 22.99%
Notes: * Completed the Scotch Yellow Bonnet Route in 1:49.

Edited by SorveteQuente
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Wait rules reset, I'll take a turn

Mission: Burning Desire + Chiliad Challenge (1)
Called by: SorveteQuente
Link: https://gtasnp.com/XdSrrC
Status: Completed
Completion %: 23.53%
Notes: * Completed Birdseye Winder in 3:04.
* Did some workout with CJ.

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I'll take a turn
Mission: Gray Imports
Called by: JAJ
Status: Completed
Completion %: 24.6%
Respect gained mission reward
Saved at Ganton

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Mr JoeStalin

long time since a turn


Mission: The Green Sabre
Link: Click Me!:p
Completion %:


-Completed Cobra Run in 1:30!

-Completed Hippy Shopper Courier Missions!

-Purchased available safehouses

-Took 1 snapshot on the billboard near the gym!


NOTE: I think we should start using cars more than bikes, we still don't have the driving skill for 8-Track

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