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Big TIme McGill

Reset Animal Field Guide

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Big TIme McGill

I've been working on completing the "Fully Research 90 unique Animals" buckle and I'm currently at 85 complete.  I really enjoy the hunting and studying of animals and was wondering if anybody has ever reset this buckle?  I know you can go in and reset buckles to do them over again but just wondering if anybody has done it for this buckle, and if it wipes out all the information that is in the Animal Field Guide collected so far?

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3 hours ago, Big TIme McGill said:

was wondering if anybody has ever reset this buckle? 

That buckle award, like most of the others that don't offer a bonus for incremental progress, can't be reset.

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Congrats on getting so far. I just begun- only 47 deep. 
I wish there was more than just a buckle award for all the time spent. 

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Big TIme McGill

It was one of those buckles where I initially said there was no way I would bother.  Then as I was working my way through it I realized that I really just love the hunting aspect of the RDR world.  I should be able to wrap up the bucket once I kill a few more legendary animals.


Honestly, I was wondering about the reset because I'm wondering what my motivation to keep playing will be once I've completed the buckle.

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Big TIme McGill

I got the buckle. 


When I hit 89 completed animals, I decided that the last animal should be something meaningful. The first legendary animal I came across was the Katata Elk.  I hadn't fully completed him, so I decided this would be the one.  I waited until day time and made my way up to Cumberland Forest.  Sure enough, the question mark appeared, and there he was, in his black coat and beauty, standing on the side of a mountain cliff.  I pulled out the Advanced Camera and snapped a quick picture, then bulled out by Bounty Hunter variant bolt action to go for the finish.  Followed him up the mountain and was able to take him down at the side of the road.  Got the skin, and smoked a cigarette in salute to the fallen animal.


My reward?  500 naturalist xp and the option to buy a coat I will never wear from Gus.  Sigh.

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