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Why do you like RDR2?

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Hey there fellow outlaws, my name is Nik and I'm working on a cool 3D motion design project about RDR2.
I am a RDR2 player myself and love discussing the game as much as the next guy, but now I'm in need of your help guys!
I'm just trying to understand what you guys like the most about the game, so I can apply this in my video :)
Will be very thankful if you can help me!


Let's start:
1. Why do you like RDR2 the most?
2. Who's your favorite hero in the game? I think I know the answer, but still :D
3. What do you like doing in the game the most?
4. The game is very beautiful, full of various colours - so, what colour schemes do you like the most in RDR2? I know it might hard to answer this question, so here are a few examples:
E.g. epic orange of sunset, or desert at solstice. Or you can just name the colours you admire the most in the game :)
5. Weather. Since most of the colours are changing with weather and the weather is one of the most remarkable things in the game, could you, please,
tell me what weather in the game do you like and why?


The mood. As you already might understand, the reason behind all of this "information collection" (this phrase sounds horrible, I know) is to create a right mood for my upcoming video.
I've attached a few great mood pictures and will appreciate if you can share some of yours, that would be superb!


A little disclaimer: I'm not forcing anyone on answering these questions, just trying to create an unusual, fun and informative discussion!


I will be posting updates soon, so will be happy to share if you guys are interested!
Your health *sip*


P.S. Will be more than happy to PM someone and talk about RDR2 :)





Edited by MuscleS

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I'll just get straight to the point.


I really f*cking like westerns.

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Well, a good enough answer for me, appreciate it, Peckinpah

Is there anything you like more than anything else in RDR2?

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