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HDR still not working properly??

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Game Mode features proper HDR. (See Digital Foundry). Given that you have a quality TV HDR looks great.


BUT there is still something off with it. If you play in Game Mode with Paper White set to 80 the game looks worse than SDR. All contrast is more or less gone making it look very flat and boring. But if you increase paper white over 80, to where your TV:s limit is at (mine is at 200 and if I go over that the clouds on the testscreen gets overexposed) the game does indeed look great. But then another problem is presented: increasing paper white means you also increase the BLACK LEVEL causing blacks to get crushed. So I have to manually re-calibrate my black level on my TV. Secondly, the sky becomes very bright during night time. That does not make sense either. HDR should make brighter spots brighter, but not make darker spots brighter.b Third, there is a artificial lightning going on. If you play in SDR caves with no light source are DARK as they should be if your black level is properly calibrated. But in HDR they are not, because there is some kind of artificial lightning going on lighting up places that should be pitch dark. Fourth, saturation is DECREASED with HDR on. Digital Foundry mentioned this as well. This does not make sense either. So now I have to re-calibrate saturation on my TV by increasing it a bit as well.


Seriously, you're not supposed to have to re-calibrate your TV when you play a game in HDR. HDR should not tamper with the black level or saturation. HDR should only increase the number of NITS and play the data in 10 or 12 bits color (which will give a more realistic representation of colors).


What settings do you use? Have you solved any of these issues?




Edited by Cyper

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Sadly the HDR in RDR2 is still broken, it was better than it was before but it's still handled badly. On a proper calibrated set the game isn't even able to match black point, it just wont go that low, the lowest it will go is 80 where as black point should be 65, I don't have a clue why Rockstar did this.

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