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New story mode playthrough with 0 crimes

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I don't know if anyone has tried this before,


but im busy with a new playthrough in story mode in where I do 0 crimes. 
Where there are story missions I will absolutely minimize the body count. 

Pistol / sniper and headshot only, and no to near no car crashes. 
Certainly no npc death by crashing. 


What I want to get from this is a unique Friedlander report. 
One that almost makes Michael come out as a good person. 

And perhaps I will unluck special dialogue and options not yet found!

To give an example, I did some other tests. 
If you purposely wreck the car in the reposession mission until it barely drives, 
Simeon will call to say it was in terrible condition when it was returned. 

Also, if you drive slow to mission places on purpose, you unlock a boatload 
of more dialogue. Actual, content rich dialogue. 

Lamar Davis for example does all these Marxist BLM-like monologues. 
Trevor will randomly talk about his past grieving Michael in great detail. 


This topic is to see what other people who have tried similar things discovered. 


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23 hours ago, FrancisMcReary said:

Lamar Davis for example does all these Marxist BLM-like monologues. 

Yeah i can attest that he was actually that well-spoken in this game.

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Whatevver05017 or whatever his name is on YouTube already did a bunch of videos on those lengthy dialogues 

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