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SIB I’m 16, should I buy GTA V?


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I’ve watched Fire emblem x GTA crossover on YouTube, and the game looks really fun! Would it be too violent for me?

I’ve already seen the torture scene, and the scene where Trevor stomps that guy’s head

From the vids I’ve watched it doesn’t look all that violent, but is it ok for a 16 year old?

I wanted to buy it for PC. (That’s the only system I could play it on)

Would it be too violent/inappropriate for me? What kind of adult content is there in it? Is it too far in some cases? Are there things I need to look out for?






Edited by chetan78
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Extreme case in terms of violence is probably watching a lady go through a jet engine and get turned into a bloody meaty mess. 

Extreme case of adult content would be topless nudity and that prostitute do have some sexual animation without any nudity (however you can view these in first person so it's not quite hidden like previous games). Audio-wise, it is pretty explicit but not much in terms of visuals. 


There is however some disgusting content as well. TV shows might depict excrement and main characters can be seen vomiting and urinating in cut-scenes time to time.

Edited by Ryo256
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I am not in a position to advice you of this stuff.  Nor do I appreciate being put in this position. This company needs to make a clear cut decision on this or stop letting just anyone replying. I am well over adult legal age anywhere in the World. So I couldnt careless. 

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Meh, I was playing GTA San Andreas when I was 11, I turned out fine (or so I think). If you are really concerned, just be aware that what you are seeing / playing is fiction and not meant to be anything more serious than entertainment. Although I am sure if there is any actual concern, it is more likely coming from your parents; in which case, I guess defer to what they say (although at 16 should they really still be in control of what you see? I personally don't think so).

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