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LL Cool L

Riders Republic

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LL Cool L



Anyone seen the trailer for this? got me excited, I also have Steep which seems similar but very underrated and not very popular

  • fir thi bairns 1

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Yea this seems like it's Steep but more... accessible? Not just snow sports this time around but basically everything it looks like. I didn't buy Steep but I did play it when it was given out on PS+ and it was fun, albeit it didn't play how I expected to at all and reminded me a lot of the Trials games.


Would maybe be down for this depending on what they show going forward.

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Mr. Scratch

A new mtb game? Count me in. Also, was that f*cking Rob Warner at 0:19?

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Yeah, watching the trailer for this during the event I totally thought it was just Steep 2. Even after the name was revealed I kept expecting the developers to at least refer to it as a "spiritual successor" but they never even brought it up. Just hyped the fact that it's a "brand new" IP. 


I like the look of this but I think it's a wait for the "complete edition" to go on a deep, deep sale for me.

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LL Cool L

yh im really excited for this, especially with some mountain biking and both sand and snow.....hope they have some massssssive over the mountain drops and races etc. I really enjoyed steep, tried to get a few of my gta firends to play but they didn't.


I wonder how they will balance they different ways of traversal, mountain bike seems like the best option on downhill races so far

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