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Tech General Chat

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Popular Posts

It's tough to buy a new GPU for a good price these days but I've managed to score a decent deal, 16 megs should last me for years   (jk)  

Just bought a second hand Lian Li case.   Absolutely no idea what I'd need it for, but I like it already  

My rig has been down since March/April and I'm finally getting around to taking care of business.  At first I thought it might be the sata controller on my mobo failing somehow.     I didn't

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^^ Thank God Slammy never got around to post, that Sothink download link. From CNET Download.com, in the Freeloaders Topic. Otherwise we've all would of been infected. lol.gif


Well for $10 dollars that ain't bad. It should last you at least a year give or take. $10 well spend if you ask me. tounge2.gif

I did post a link, Sothinkmedia . com


I believe it's a simple hop, skip, jump


I remember those massive phones. Remember the car ones with rotary dial??

One of the more odd Craig's List ads I saw today said a guy with a 2 month old HP dropped his laptop and is having visual issues, partial display, he's posting for someone to repair it, what do you think??


I posted video of my Dell C600 display repair on YouTube, but 2 months old? Over 15 inch LCD display?? I think his best bet is to have a replacement screen installed, which I could do

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I nearly bought one of those batteries myself.

But I wasn't so sure.

Thanks for the review pico.

The g1 battery sucks arse, mine has 10 hours on standby now !! sad.gif

I will def get one as soon as I'm back off hols smile.gif

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I'd say it's totally worth it for $10.

I got it from this eBay seller, http://myworld.ebay.com/hi-etech


@pcguy, idk if they have it for other phones. Never looked into it.

All G1's are the same hardware wise as far as I know, so trip would be able to use one. I'd suggest everyone with a G1 gets one tounge.gif

Alright, thanks for the info. It's good to know. icon14.gif

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I'm here kicking myself, an anchient Pioneer Combination CD and Laserdisc, AKA Combi player, this time a 5 disc CD or 1 disc LD contraption showed up locally at the Goodwill, I could buy it for $15 bucks. Because I was always mulling things over on a useful level, I opted not to that day, looking it up online overnight though, got some fairly good user reports. However, for CDs and Karoake seemed the biggest boon for that model, the CLD-M90 I believe.


What I couldn't find out is the mechanical structure online so I opted to buy it and take the cover off, check it out.



Easy, for the spare parts I used to fix two other LaserDisc players!! I felt I could obtain the laser motor I need in good shape, but only use it if it directly replaced the prior one. There in lies the delimma.


I went back after 12AM the next day, it was GONE! DAMN. So much for that one. I actually need two of the same part from two model line changes in the Pioneer 80s models that were built, a large auto-reverse stature, and smaller scale auto reverse transport. The motor guides the laser optical along the bottom track.

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So my old speaker/sub (2.1) set up was getting pretty sh*tty. After using the sub as a footrest for a while, it crapped out and would pop and bellow randomly even with out sound turned up... so I snipped the wires to the sub woofer speaker (I still needed the box as a whole to connect the speakers into).

Then the speakers connection area got really loose. So the left one would go in and out from time to time...


Decided, f*ck it, I'll buy some new ones. Of course I'm broke so I didn't get anything impressive. $43 later and I just hooked up my Altec Lansing VS2321 2.1 (28W) set up. Sounds MUCH better than the old ones (when they worked properly) except at the high range where it gets... rough I guess is the best way to put it. No control for the amount of bass but I don't mind, it's at a sweet spot and I don't want to overuse it and damage it. It's added a richness to my videos and music, I love it. Especially for the relatively low cost. And, it all looks great and has a feel of high quality. Particularly the sub which is VERY solid and has to weigh a good 10lbs itself, very sturdy. Nice textured metal feet to keep it firmly planted on the carpet.


So, what audio set up do you guys have?

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The LS21's were in the same price range as the ones I got (maybe $10 or so cheaper) but they had quite a bit lower wattage, so I went with the Altec ones I got. If the difference in wattage wasn't much I would have went with Logitech due to the brand, as anything Logitech I've gotten has been high quality.


Got to add, I was playing music early at normal volume (as in, I'd be able to carry a conversation at normal voice volume) and my mom said she could hear the bass two floors lower sad.gif And my house is pretty well built, thick floors and ceilings, nice thick carpeting.

Sucks because as I said I can't control the sub woofer it self, only the over all volume and adjust the tone which kind of helps but not enough. Ohhhh welll, looks like my family will have to deal with muffled music through out the house all the time! tounge.gif

Keep in mind, this was later at night when the house was relatively quite. So I won't bug them ALL the time.

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The good thing about the LS21's is that you can actually adjust the bass on the sub which is nice. But my room is in the attic so usually two floors separating me and who ever's downstairs = loud music and plenty of bass. inlove.gif

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Some cheap 2.1 Labtec Pulse 245s. Bought them a couple of years ago for under £20. They are pretty much fine for my needs. I doubt anyone who is hard core into audio quality would be very impressed though when compared to their £200+ setups.

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So I went to help a friend swap a hard drive into a new computer, the old PC was shot.

They figured it was the PSU gone, so she had her brother's friend's brother look at it. When she got it back the PSU was gone, and some other parts for all they knew. Well, boy did they not know what was gone.


He took out the PSU claiming it was shot. When I look in it, a large plastic internal panel is laying in it... NO hdd! The f*cker took it!

So they called him, he's stumbling but keeping calm claiming it didn't work and the PSU broke it... so for some reason he think it's his right to just keep their "broken" (according to him) parts and return half a computer. But that's not it...

He also took out the rear exhaust fan. Think that's sh*tty? He took out the original 2 512MB of RAM and put in a single 256mb of RAM!! What a sh*t head...


So they decided to junk the PC. I said I'd take it and use it for parts. Good thing I did. My old junker was a S6000cl Compaq, Athlon XP 2800+ at 2.08Ghz with 512mb of RAM. So I grabbed out the PSU from that, the RAM and HDD and put it in the PC I just got with a P4 @ 3.2Ghz.

Right now it won't load up Windows 7 off the HDD. It goes as far as the "Loading Windows" screen then just restarts sad.gif


I'm in the process of trying to reinstall Windows 7 on the HDD and see if that'll work, but the damn thing loads into it and won't bring up the "Install Windows" window. wtf... hopefully I can get this sorted soon. Need to get ready to go out tonight tounge.gif

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Which is why I wouldn't trust my computer with anyone else (Well, apart from my Dad). I'd notice if something had gone missing though. I'm not entirely convinced the Pentium 4 is an upgrade though, maybe more of a "sidegrade". I've just had a look at some benchmarks online and it would seem in some tasks the 2800+ is better and in some the P4 is better. Good luck getting Windows 7 in, it runs suprisingly alright on my 2500+ with 768MB of RAM.

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Those batteries for the G1 are $40 on the tmobile site. I was pretty interested but the plain battery isn't worth spending $40 right now (it can usually last a whole day if I don't use the internet) and I doubt I would be able to find one somewhere for $10.


Anyway, for my graduation gift from my grandparents I'm getting this laptop for college. It's pretty nice Core i7, 6GB RAM, 500 GB HD, Geforce 330M. Kind of wish the HD was 7200RPM and had a longer battery life than 3 hours but it has a nice full HD (1080p) screen.

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Look at the specs here, you'll see aside from somewhat smaller L1 Cache, the P4 is better than the 2800+. The 1.12Ghz advantage the P4 has is more than enough to make up for that, anyways.




@Xmike, I haven't looked at any batteries through T-Mobile. Are you saying the extended ones are $40? If so, I'm almost positive it's the same manufacturer that makes the one I got, because HTC does not make an extended battery, only one company does. And yes, you can find one for $10. eBay. I bought mine from some Chinese guy (hi-tech, I think) and it arrived 3-4 days later. It was something like $9.48 with free shipping. Totally worth it, especially lately as I've been at work with no charging cable... I would have been screwed with out the extended battery.


Anyways, that link isn't working to that laptop. Sounds like it's got some nice specs, should be fast as hell. I'm not sure if many, if any, laptops come with a 7200rpm HDD though. And good luck getting a laptop to run more than 3 hours with an i7 tounge.gif


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Damn, an i7 in a laptop. Nice performance but I bet that kicks some heat out and drains some power. The Core2Duo T7300 2GHz in mine seems to do me fine for what I do.

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Oh, I could have sworn I was on t-mobile's site but I saw this battery. I'm sure I could find one cheaper like you said on eBay.


For some reason it won't let me link to the laptop from bestbuy's site, but this is it. Hopefully as time goes on I can buy a 7200 RPM hard drive and a larger battery but that's all too expensive for me right now. I'm hoping this laptop will get me through the next 4-5 years of college.

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Damn, those are some crazy f*cking specs! Should do great for a long time, I'd say go for it as long as the price is right.


As for the battery you linked to, that's the exact same one I have. Seriously. $10, ebay. Fommy is lucky if they sell ANY. Of course they were the first to carry it, but they're probably the first to stop selling them due to low or no sales. eBay is the way to go for that product.

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I'm considering doing some little mods to my Antec P182, Instead of getting a new case.

Heres a sh*tty sketch of the ideas I have




Any other ideas you could suggest?

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Hey, have any of you guys seen this ?

Pretty cool Graphics effect IMO, it gives a real sense of depth without 3D glasses.


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Doesn't look like too fun of a game, but the 3D effect is cool!


@Pt, not sure what the remote thing is about... but other than that, looks like a good way to cool that sucker down a lot.


I'm gonna spam here a little bit. I made a Facebook fan page for Google Android! If you guys love Android and have a Facebook, I don't see why you wouldn't join it! Click the picture in my sig to get to it wink.gif

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Damn, those are some crazy f*cking specs! Should do great for a long time, I'd say go for it as long as the price is right.




That's, one decent laptop IMO. Just a little over 6 pounds which ain't that heavy, I would definitely get one w/extended warranty. wink.gif

Dell's counterpart is well over $2000, I bet this baby can run GTAIV without a hitch.

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Did anyone hear about the fake i7 920's Newegg.com shipped out? New story here.


Newegg says they are 'demo boxes', but if you look at some of the pictures in that article, it definitely doesn't look like just a demo box, more like knock-offs made to rip people off.


Makes me wonder how reliable Newegg really is...

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Very shiny Cursed icon14.gif


@ the whole Newegg thing, it seems to have just been an accident. I wouldn't let that affect my faith in Newegg in any way. I'm not sure how many things I've bought from them, I'd say anywhere between 10-20 I've gotten 12 different shipments and haven't had a problem with a single one. They're fast, reliable and the price is damn right. I f*cking love Newegg.

In fact, on my order for my Zalman HSF I was confused over a deal they had and thought I was supposed to receive Arctic Silver 5 with it. So I emailed them and they explained it to me, I wasn't supposed to get it. But the f*ckers are so awesome and said I'm a valued customer, they sent me the thermal paste for free! Shipping and all, who else does that??

This matter will be resolved and only further strengthen their quality control.


As to why they have all these "demo" boxes... it might be possible that Newegg themselves were ripped off from a supplier and are too embarrassed or not even sure how/when/with who it happened. Or they really got a sh*t load of demos and accidentally put the in stock.

Edited by Pico
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I wouldn't take the whole Newegg thing too seriously. I doubt very much that they were trying to rip their customers off, what would be the point? Whether they got duped by a supplier or if they were actually just demo boxes I don't know.

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I read at Tomshardware that Intel is looking into it! They said something like watch this spot, so they should release information when they get it.


To my understanding it went like this:

Newegg got a shipment of 2,000 i7 CPUs from a company called B&H.

Newegg shipped out 300 of said processors only to have people complain they were fakes.

Newegg said they accidentally shipped out demos (either first logical explanation, or a quick cover up story).

Newegg contacts B&H, "you gave us sh*t products"

B&H "f*ck you, it wasn't our fault."

Intel steps in to figure it out.


So some where along the lines between Intel, B&H, Newegg and the consumers some one seems to have popped open the box on 300 ~$300 CPUs (totaling about $9,000 at that estimate) and replaced the innards with essentially a couple bits of plastic and stickers. Hopefully they found out who did this. I'm sure the Newegg customers have gotten their CPUs back and maybe even a little more. But in the end Newegg will probably be hurt by this if the criminal(s) isn't caught.


Of that topic, AT&T got it's first Android phone... good? Kind of...

It's the Motorola Backflip. Unique design, unique features. No Google. Yeah, they stripped out Google because of their love affair with Apple so they replaced all things Google (minus some apps) with Yahoo!. Yes, you heard me... Yahoo!... confused.gif

Worse than that, they took out the option to install apps from places other than the market AND you can't uninstall AT&T apps that come preloaded on the device.

Not a worry for me at all because luckily I left AT&T with their sh*tty service and lack of good phones a year ago. But not much of a worry for those who don't mind rooting their phone, I'm almost 100% positive there will be a ROM to fix all those problems and more. The Motorola CLIQ has the same UI and similar hardware, plus all the goodies the Backflip is missing. So a quick mash up of those two ROMs should make a nice one they works perfect with the phone and returns it to the state it's meant to be in, with Google and all.

Edited by Pico
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Just ordered me a Core 2 Duo E8400. Not sure how good it is by today's standards, but it was quite cheap, and it's replacing an E5200, so I should be able to feel a difference, surely?


Joe says I should've gone for the Q9550 instead, but what does he know? tounge.gif

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I think the E8400 is the best dual core Core2 processor Intel made. It's definetly still up to todays standard. Should give you a performance boost anyway. All these people going with i7s for gaming are wasting money in my opinion. For a high end workstation or editing computer (Video compiling etc.) then I think an i7 is warranted, but for games a decent dual/quad core will be absoutley fine.

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Antec 1200 any good? Theres one on ebay going cheap at the moment and its local. I dont think my antec 182 will be any better at cooling, even after the modding :<

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