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Tech General Chat

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Popular Posts

It's tough to buy a new GPU for a good price these days but I've managed to score a decent deal, 16 megs should last me for years   (jk)  

Just bought a second hand Lian Li case.   Absolutely no idea what I'd need it for, but I like it already  

My rig has been down since March/April and I'm finally getting around to taking care of business.  At first I thought it might be the sata controller on my mobo failing somehow.     I didn't

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I think it's pretty damn nice, a lot nicer than before.

waaaay nicer than before. (cleaner too, took some dusting)


my temps were bordering on 54/61 on idle/load respectively when i tried to push into 3.8ghz


afterwards tho when i tried to play world in conflict the game wouldn't start, turned out to be an audio driver issue that came with the installer for one of the benchmarks i was trying out~ sucks when that happens eh?


sure panicked biggrin.gif


oh, speaking of cases~ finally bagged this:


user posted image


this thing is MASSIVE mercie_blink.gif


online pics do not represent it's size well enough~ assembly tom. tho, i don't expect a huge dent in temperatures due to case alone but should be interesting to compare a virtually cramped casing (a generic pseudo-mid-tower, no brand even) to a full tower.

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I got one that's wider then taller, housed a Pentium II at 400Mhz originally, the PSU mounts mid section/top above the motherboard on the back side! It's fairly easy however to screw it in and out. If you're familiar with the old HAND nurrled (have raised friction pattern ends) screws that require no screw driver, get four of them for your PSU or case entry points, then you can get in and out without much hassle

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Thanks Julio!

I did dust it out quite a bit but not 100%. I still need to take the intake fan out and clean it off. I've still got to vacuum in the family room because I just let all the dust fall to the floor blush.gif


As for your case, oh I know exactly how big it is! My brother's friend has one. When I saw the picture I was going to tell you good luck fitting it anywhere, but I see you've already physically got it or seen it. It is a MASSIVE case guys.

Before I had seen that one, going off the size of my case I figured they couldn't get much bigger... boy was I wrong!

You should have PLENTY of room for all of your components AND excellent air flow. What is that in the front, like a 180mm fan??


I'd like to see some sweet cable management with that Julio tounge.gif

Should be pretty easy I'm assuming. Looking at the pictures on Newegg the PSU goes right in at the bottom and has a nice opening to route the wires behind the mobo tray, so the wires can be put out of sight right away. If you can, I'd liked to see some pics when it's all transplanted in! wink.gif


@Slamman, that's how the screws are on my case and PSU. The knurling really does help with opening things up quickly.

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Yeah, those screws that are hand operated are sooooooo nice! I didn't plan on using them until they came into my possession.


I was at Big Lots locally here, one of the budget surplus stores. At their counter is flash drives, MP3 player and digital cams. The coolest thing I'd seen is a 7 inch portable widescreen monitor, not intended for cars, as you might think, but surely could mount in one. It has it's own built in ATSC tuner, which is pretty impressive. AND it costs a mere $88 bucks.


There is also a Panasonic 1080P 32 inch TV now selling around $440 USD, not too shabby, I paid $500 for my 32 inch Toshiba some years back, nothing too fancy, has some issues these days with red or blue image "ghosting" in a manner where red or blue bands show up on sharp contrasting points, never the full image but like the color "Blowing out" on some scenes. Never seemed to have that issue. I would assume it's grown bad over some time. Color adjustment of level doesn't do much good.

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@pico: mine's the 932, tool-less ftw icon14.gif I do question it's durability in the long run tho (plastic we dealing with ere), specially when it has to hold in place a large gpu like a 5870


i'm very well satisfied with the temperature drops, i could hardly go past 43-45 (previously 58-61) celsius while gaming


i'll up some pics in the other topic~ black case + black peripherals in the evening = a whole lot of dark.


the blue LED on the front is disturbing tho, it's way too bright when it blinks nearly blinding.

Edited by iRloading
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I'm the same with fan LEDs as I've said before. They're annoying...

I definitely want to see pics though, so when you can definitely get some!


As I said on FB, those temp drops are awesome. That old case must have had terrible air flow!

Did you spend any time trying to do the wiring neatly? I'm sure it was pretty hard to do so if you did, the case being so large I'm sure the cables weren't long enough to snake them around well.


And while tool free does make putting things in, taking them out, moving them around, etc much easier, like you said durability and sturdiness is a concern. My brother's PCs are big brand name ones (HP and Gateway) and they have some tool-less parts. Like the PCI/PCI-e slot area. I really dislike it, as it doesn't seem very secure. I know my HD4850 needs the screw on there tight to keep it positioned right. So I'm assuming your card push a lot of pressure on the tool less clip. Hopefully it'll hold up. I'm sure that since the case is a big gaming one it's tougher than a little Gateway case like my brothers I put my old 8600GT card into.

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Just to test the waters, Waddy didn't like my PC group shot in his thread, and recommended I post pictures in General Chat, not sure if that's here or THERE <----- but I will likely devote a new thread to it if it's theLounge Gen Chat he is talking about. Any ideas on how to proceed (avoiding a ban of course)?

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Just to test the waters, Waddy didn't like my PC group shot in his thread, and recommended I post pictures in General Chat, not sure if that's here or THERE <----- but I will likely devote a new thread to it if it's theLounge Gen Chat he is talking about. Any ideas on how to proceed (avoiding a ban of course)?

He's talking about this thread. The reason that heap of computers should be posted here and not there is because that's the "Post your PC/Desktop" thread. In other words, your main PC. Since that's just a bunch of random boxes laying on the floor, it's better suited for here. Though I don't think a warning was really necessary (if that's what you got, I don't know).

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I got a week long ban over that posting, and I was genuinely confused about what he was requesting, but you know Waddy,


I did want to ask before hand, those computers are my VAST collection Part 1, they ALL work, the ones that have issues were parted, one main box of processors and heat sinks, cards of all types, many AGP graphics cards from back in the 1990s for example, mainboards for the GX and Latitude Dell projects. The main thing was to get them all in one shot as much as I could. This is over two years of collecting computers from all over.

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I understand why you posted it there, but do you see why it was off topic? If I post a picture in there it's going to be of the desktop I'm currently using and a screencap of what my Windows desktop looks like. That doesn't mean it's the only computer I have, but it's my PC. My server, laptop, random other computers I have would go in here.

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A desktop is hardware not defined as a Netbook, Laptop , or notebook. for us old-schoolers I guess.


Desktop as an image has to be more refined in terms of labeling me thinks. Mine changes among 100 computers and laptops I own. Even if I use the same desktop LCD, and I do, the desktop IMAGE is never the same

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You're still missing the point. Let me try to put it another way.


If someone were to walk into your apartment and say, "Wow that's a ton of computers, which one do you use?" Which one would you show them? The one you're posting on right now correct? That would be your PC. Even if you still use the other ones, they aren't your main PC. Does that make sense?

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Actually, no, that would be my laptop which uses Wifi where ever I can get it, and no, not anyone's driveway. That was one time. However, desktops are not so Wifi Friendly. I use the same keyboard and mouse in my bedroom desktop area, and then I use a laptop at my kitchen table, That's how my "area" is defined.


Now onto a real question per se.... I bought a Thermal Take (IIRC, the branding) HSF, the discount was heavy as a discontinued item, but as far as I can tell, they are still selling them normally at $10USD.


The box reads for Celeron D, Pentium D and Core2 Duo on a 775 socket, so where does that leave quad cores for the 775? This should still work, correct? It's low profile, aluminum based sink.

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If it says Socket 775 then I assume it will work on any Socket 775 processor, including a Core 2 Quad. Whether for $10 it will be better than the stock cooler is another question.

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Here is where I asked it, was thinking it was the Random Question thread. Well, dude, it IS ThermalTake, a company I think has done well currently.

The specs include the tension that is applied, which I don't take much note of at the end of the day, I just screw a HS in till it's snug screw wise.


Never had too much pressure cause a core to break, though I recently submitted a CPU history story online I came across that said Socket 5, 7 and 370 CPUs were more prone to heat sink damage without heat spreaders, for one thing.

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I think the old Athlons were quite prone to core damage from the heatsink since they didn't have heat spreaders. The Pentium III 866 I have doesn't either (Come to think of it, I'm not sure where that is anymore).

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Of course I came upon a good number of those metal spring tension clips, most have to fit between the ZIF and capacitors often too close to make things easy. I never had core damage, despite all that, but I have cursed those damn metal clips, some sooooo poorly designed as to make you wonder WHAT in the HELL they were thinking. The tension of the 370 era sockets, and the AMD Socket A style were dependent on clipping that metal brace over the sink correctly. One side first, then the other. With the modern screw in method, you can jump to opposing sides. In my Precision dell a plastic screwed in mount offers one side that just slides in place and screws in on the other, it really is rather nice for speed sake

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What's the difference between N wireless and G wireless? Is there actually a big performance difference between them?

My old G router sucks and I was considering to get a Belkin N wireless ASDL router to go with my Belkin N PCI adaptor


This is the one I had in mind.


I was reading this topic and that guy seems to have the same problem I have. Do N routers run on a different frequency?

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What's the difference between N wireless and G wireless? Is there actually a big performance difference between them?

My old G router sucks and I was considering to get a Belkin N wireless ASDL router to go with my Belkin N PCI adaptor


This is the one I had in mind.


I was reading this topic and that guy seems to have the same problem I have. Do N routers run on a different frequency?

Maybe this will help http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_802.11n-2009#Comparison

Cliff notes: N uses the same frequency as G but as better range and faster speeds. You have to make sure your computer's wifi card supports N

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A is actually better then B, in terms of the earlier Wireless. Mike was telling me, that was used more in business and the range is much shorter, for B Wireless, you get much better range, but less speed. I wondered how those two differ with G and N bands. Mike aka PCGuyTech 2005 mentioned as well that he had a mix of the different bands and (correct term?) he did in fact encounter problems with his signal. When you're using a Wifi card, you're stuck on your end. I use B, G, and N on my various laptop methods.


OK, Tech news that's new;


Things aren't looking so hot for Nvidia. The US International Trade Commission found the company guilty of infringing on three Rambus patents. The decision may lead to a ban on the import of some Nvidia products -- unless it divvies up, of course. In July 2008, Rambus filed suit against Nvidia, claiming the company violated some 17 patents. Infringing products included those with memory controllers for SDR, DDR, DDR2, DDR3, GDDR, and GDDR3 SDRAM. Nvidia's general counsel, David Shannon, said the company would continue to contest the commission's initial decision, but if the ITC upholds the ruling, Nvidia may have to license the technology patents in question from Rambus. That won't come cheap, though. For instance, when Samsung settled with Rambus and licensed its technology for five years, it agreed to pay $200 million upfront, a quarterly sum of roughly $25 million, and to buy $200 million in Rambus stock. Naturally, Rambus is "interested in having productive settlement discussions with Nvidia," but the GPU-maker hasn't caved yet. In a statement, Rambus said it would continue to "vigorously protect" its patented inventions for the benefit of shareholders and in fairness to paying licensees. The all-but-defunct memory company also reportedly has suits against HP, Asus, MSI, BFG, Biostar, Diablotek, EVGA, Gigabyte, Palit, Sparkle and more.


Edited by Slamman
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Imma bump with news of a gaming Dell Netbook on the horizon, actually AlienWare. Also noted in "Tech Bytes", Fujitsu is looking into legal use of Apple for the iPad name, not sure what product they have using it.



Considering the brand's reputation for peddling overpriced computers, kicking things off at $799 isn't so bad. Sadly, there are no details about exactly what hardware ships at that price. The M11x at CES carried switchable integrated and Nvidia GT335M graphics, attained 50 FPS in Crysis, and about 6,000 to 7,000 in 3DMark. An exact release date has yet to be defined, but the system is due later this year. Update: It's also worth noting that the M15x and M17x just became available for $1,199 and $1,799, respectively. At that price, they ship with Intel's latest mobile platform, but the M17x can be configured with a Core 2 Duo for $100 less.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Trojan warning for Firefox users



Mozilla on Friday pulled two programs from its Firefox browser add-on site for containing malware. Sothink Web Video Downloader 4.0 and all versions of Master Filer were found to contain Trojan horse code aimed at Windows users.


In a blog post, Mozilla stated that the Master Filer add-on was able to bypass AMO's security tests.


Mozilla user CatThief discovered the threat, it said. And when Mozilla added two more security checks to its vetting process and rescanned its entire catalog, it discovered that version 4 of the Sothink Web Video Downloader also contained a Trojan horse program. Sothink Web Video Downloader contained Win32.LdPinch.gen, and Master Filer contained Win32.Bifrose.32.Bifrose.


Master Filer was removed from Mozilla's Firefox add-on site on January 25, and the Sothink video downloader was removed on Tuesday. CNET Download.com ceased hosting the Sothink add-on on Friday before noon.


Sothink Web Video Download 5.5.90819 had been a mildly popular Firefox add-on at Download.com, receiving 697 downloads in the past week and 63,716 downloads since it was first added to the site in June 2007.


Because the Trojan horse programs are tied to Firefox, Mozilla warns, host computers won't be infected until Firefox started. Uninstalling either add-on is only part of the solution, if the infection has already attacked the host computer. Mozilla recommends that users who suspect that they are infected use one of the following security applications to sweep and clean their computers after uninstalling the threatening add-on:


# Antiy-AVL

# Avast


# GData

# Ikarus

# K7 AntiVirus

# McAfee

# Norman

# VBA32


Infected users should note that only Avast and AVG are free.


Mozilla did not immediately respond to requests for comment. We'll update this post as we learn more.


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Didn't have either of those, so I should be good. Hopefully this doesn't become a widespread problem...


A random tech related thing, I just bought a 2300mah battery for my T-mo G1. It's thicker and comes with a different backing to fit the phone with the new, larger battery. I'm going to see if the extended life is worth the extra bulk. I hope so. It was only $10, so if it's not that great or is too big I'm not out much. And at $10, I don't expect it to last too long. But, we'll see...

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^^ Thank God Slammy never got around to post, that Sothink download link. From CNET Download.com, in the Freeloaders Topic. Otherwise we've all would of been infected. lol.gif


Well for $10 dollars that ain't bad. It should last you at least a year give or take. $10 well spend if you ask me. tounge2.gif

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Yeah, I figure it should last at least a year until it's charge is low. Even at that, it will probably be as low as the standard battery (forgot to mention, think it's 1350mah) so I'll just swap that one back in, that is if I have the same phone still tounge.gif

I don't have it yet so I can't comment on it's performance but I've heard good things. It all falls down to personal opinion on how big it makes the phone, whether it's too big for the individual or not. I generally don't mind. Tons of people say my phone is pretty big as it is (thick, mainly) but I think it's just fine. So the battery shouldn't bother me too much.

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^^ Look for what it's worth. There's so such thing as a big phone anymore. Compare to the old sckool days all cellphones nowadays are all basically mini phones. Period. biggrin.gif


Compare your phone to this Rexcelluarsauraus and you'll see what a mean.

user posted image

"Hello Can you hear me now?"

"Of course I can hear you. It's a damn PA system."




Well back then they didn't have 911 programmed in to the phone. Well it wasn't needed. If you were ever a victim of a mugging all you had to do was launch the Rexcelluarsauraus straight at the offender's forehead and wham! Down for the count. Better than pepper spray and that's not all. The most remarkable feature of all was the insignia it would leave on the victim's forehead - priceless. If the mugger ever got away, all the cops had to do was put out an APB.


"Attention all cars! Be on the look out for a white male, wearing a backwards baseball cap wearing Lee blue jeans, Letigre red tee-shirt"


" Oh! Yeah forgot to mention. Suspect also has an insignia stamped right in the forehead that reads: Motorola" lol.gif


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Lol, yeah those things were friggin bricks. My dad's first phone was a Brick 2.0.

Kind of like one of these but in an ugly gray, and the main cell body was 2 to 3 times thicker. http://handcellphone.com/wp-content/themes...cellphone-2.jpg

And I don't think it even had a screen on it.


Here's a little article on the history of cell phones, for those interested.



Not the most up to date, I'd say mid 2009 or so.

It's crazy to see cells didn't have color screens until 2001, and they didn't have decent pixel density until 2003... oh how far we've come.


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Got the battery yesterday. The casing it came with it's a dark gray which doesn't match the rest of the body color perfectly but it doesn't look bad, and seems sturdy and has a nice feel to it texture wise. And it ads at most an extra 1/4 inch, so the increase in size is nothing, imo.


And holy sh*t, does the battery add more life! I've used the phone for 3 1/2 hours straight already today. Usually it would be at most 30% charge left, it has 66%! Friggin amazing... I now don't have to worry about using my phone through out the day in fear I won't be able to charge it because this thing will last me a full day with moderate use. The above 3 1/2 hours was constant texting, web browsing and youtube videos, so it was what i'd consider extreme and constant use.

Definitely a $10 well spent. I recommend it to anyone with a G1 who won't mind a slightly off color backing and slightly more bulk (also weighs a little bit more, but still not bad).


Oh, and this case doesn't have a plastic shield to cover the camera, Bbut that doesn't worry me. It's made my phone noticeably louder too and more clear, as it doesn't have the plastic shield over the speaker holes. No more fuzziness at max volume and it's definitely louder.

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^^ That's awesome Pico. I wonder if Trip Mills has the same G1 as you - he could do the same and save some cash as well. Do they have them for other phones or just those?

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