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GTA3 Mobile Save Conversion Tool

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GTA3 Mobile Save Converter

Version: 1.0.0




This tool allows your Android saves to run on iOS and vice-versa! Simply drag'n'drop your save into the program and select the desired format.






System Requirements

.NET Core 3.1 Runtime


Thanks to Lethal Vaccine for the idea!


Version History

13 September 2020

  • Initial release.


Edited by thehambone
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Great tool! Now I can finally use my old iOS saves on my old OnePlus


I'd like to see more of it (to PC and PS2)

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6 hours ago, NileshKumar said:

I'd like to see more of it (to PC and PS2)

PC and PS2 conversion will be possible Eventually™. The tricky part about Mobile<->PC or Mobile<->PS2 conversion is that the MAIN.SCM is different, so all the running scripts within the save need to be converted. I have an idea for how to do this but haven't actually sat down to try it yet. :) PS2<->PC conversion should be easier because all that differs is the file format; MAIN.SCM is the same (unless you have a PALv1 PS2 save). I may update this tool with conversions to other platforms. But first I'm working on an updated GTA3 Save Editor, which will also include a format conversion feature.

Edited by thehambone
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10 hours ago, thehambone said:

running scripts within the save need to be converted

The conversion process for SA PC v1 <-> v2 offers a good example of running script conversion. I believe the offset of the RelativeIP and RelativeReturnStack is always changed by +/- 12, with detection based on the size of main. 


More problematic is re-aligning all of the global variables. This shouldn't be an issue with PS2 and PC, but mobile is a much different creature.


Beware of changing SCM object numbers too. I ran into this trouble when converting SA saves between PC and PS2. Actually, now that I think about it with a more modern perspective, I think the objects that gave me trouble were undefined objects - standard objects, but not defined in the SCM header. I'd expect defined objects to convert without issue.



Edited by OrionSR
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