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More Scooters in Gta5?

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Hi Rockstar its been a while but i decided to make this one suggestion that i have been thinking about for a while, My suggestion is to add some scooters to GTA5.


The game currently has a few like the piaggo sport but what i would really like to see is some more powerful scooters like a replica of the Honda Vision (my personal favourite) and the Yamaha Mio S. 


These are some personal favourites but my main point is that i would like to see some more scooters added please. 



If you would like me to i can do some drawings and forward it so that the team could possible make replicas of them. 



One very impirtant thing i would like to add is that whenever you decide to add more bikes to GTA5 i hope you could add some scooters as well as other vehicles you choose to add. 

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Lucas wester

Bro this aint rockstar support its a forum for the gta fans and this should probably been posted in the gta online thread if even there


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Cutter De Blanc

hell yeah forward it to my team


the checks in the mail bro

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This isn't R* Games website,it's just a forum for fans to discuss GTA games and other games by R*.

On topic,while scooters are far from my favorite types of bikes,seeing as R* haven't released any new bikes since Import/Export DLC back in 2016 (not counting Oppressors, reskinned Arena War Gargoyles and trikes),at least a new scooter would be something,it would at least give me hope that they didn't give up on bikes.They could at least return Ventoso from GTA VCS as some new HD universe scooter or moped:


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Only thing in this state is piaggio type scooter with lazer minigun and rocket booster in online for 3 millions dollars after sale.

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