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This might be a controversial opinion, but its an opinion nonetheless

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As a casual GTA player (ill pick it up every other month) this game is just no longer fun unless you have a lot of real life $. Let me preface this by saying that i dont even have time to do the cheats and i just like to get on and see whats new. So. Rockstar continues to reset people for money cheats and level exploits but, offers no quick way to earn the amount of money that they ask for most in game items. As i said up top, i am a casual gta player meaning when i get time off work to play online all i want to do is check out the new items in game. I dont want to have to grind for 34 hours+ just to be able to afford the newest updates featured toy. (All work, and no play makes jack a dull boy) Furthermore i shouldnt have to pay $60+ for shark cards on a game that ive already spent $60 dollars on. Rockstar really has three options to fix this problem:

1.) make in games items more affordable and cut the prices so that even casual players can afford them

2.) make payouts a lot more for missions, races or heists (like 4-5x would be the goal)

3.) make all online items available in offline so that even if we cant use the items online we still get to experience them offline (maybe more people would buy if they got to try it first offline)

Honestly in my opinion, im not even excited for GTA 6 if its gonna be this same micro transaction bullsh*t. Tonights the first time since i bought this game on opening night back in 2013 that ive even had the thought of uninstalling the game. 

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If you're on PC, there are mods that do 3.) for you, or FiveM. (unofficial community multiplayer) Also, this is the GTA V section, this needs to be in the GTA Online section.

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It would equally also be served by a post in the Bitch and Moan thread.

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