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Warehouse Raids Tips?

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Okay, so I grinded a large and small warehouse to full and sold them both yesterday for some seriously nice money in this 2X Special Cargo week! So much so, I purchased a second large Special Cargo Warehouse the day before yesterday, with the intent of grinding both to 111 cartes each, bypassing the cool down. I am up to 81 crates each, and expect to be finished today and ready to sell both.


I have read conflicting things on the Internet. Some say you lose crates no matter what, even if you successully defend. Some say you can change sessions and lose only a few crates, while others say if you change sessions or close the app on PSN, that you lose the entire warehouse. Some say you lose nothing if you quit the session. One person on the web said something interesting. He said that warehouses almost never get raided, and to prove this, he cited very few videos on Youtube showing warehouse raids. What are the chances of getting raided? I always retire from my CEO and disband my MC whenever I am doing AFK Solo.


I think my most paranoid question is, can you get raided while inside the very warehouse that's under attack? I have had MC raids and nightclub raids, most defended successfully. But one time, really bad luck! I was in my Cocaine warehouse, re-supplying or something, and that very business got raided. I didn't realize it at the time because I was new, but the game either spawned me outside or I left not realizing I was under attack, and got killed, losing the business. Which I had to re-start the business. So my big question is could the warehouse I am standing in get raided while I'm there? And how does one handle this?

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I have to post a response to my own post, because something happened during the double cash/RP for Special Cargo week. I sold both my large and small warehouses early enough, that when I saw how lucrative it was that week, I purchased three more large warehouses as an investment. Then I grinded up four large warehouses with regular Special Cargo and one small one with the super rare stuff. All in all, it was an insanely profitable week of grindage!


Anyway, I'm not sure if this was typical, but in one of my grinding up to refill my warehouses session, one of my large warehouses got raided. I went to defend, and was having no problem dispatching the attackers, but then my game glitched out and I went from full health and armor, and on an Oppressor Mark II to boot, to zero health. No idea how that happened since I was almost done with the enemies. Anyway, I died out of the blue, but remember reading somewhere that if you die, you lose all the contents of your warehouse! Fearing that, the second I saw what happened, I force closed the GTA V app on my PS4, rebooted the game, afraid I lost my contents for the Darnell warehouse. But when I came back into GTAO, all my large warehouses were full, 111/111 crates!


Not sure if this is typical these days, since the posts I read about this on Reddit and such, were all old. Also, is it possible that my game didn't save before I closed the game, and just got lucky?

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