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Help regarding learning to make mods for gta 5


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Hey guys! How are you

This is my first day at GTA forums 

Please I need help

After installing and playing some mods in gta 5 I just wonder whether can i make mods

Please can you guys help me 

Can you tell me how to make script mods or different buildings, cars etc for gta 5 

Which software is good and what language is helpful


I have some knowledge of C# language so pls reply me 

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C# and .net are pretty much what you need. I also use the free version of VIsual Studio from Microsoft but there are others out there. If you have some c# knowledge, you are probably better than me already 🙂


I guess you will need to decide if you want to write a mod that uses Rage Plugin Hook or ScriptHook (or something else) - personally the couple I have written were RPH and sometimes I think that if I should have used ScriptHook 


There are some good starting tutorials and videos out there. I would start looking for some of them just to get a feel. I started with a 5 part tutorial from Albo1125: 



You will need the SDK for whatever you are using (RPH or Scripthook)


I then chose what I wanted to do, started with a blank project and learnt as I went (and still am learning and making mistakes). I have private projects in GitHub to try and track what I need to do and what has been done in the mod. My code (what little there is) is also freely available on GitHub as is many others so I have learned by others examples as well. 


I find this forum is a good source if you have a specific problem or question, e.g. there is a couple of threads I asked on here to get to understand how to call and hook into natives which I would never have managed if it wasn't for the help on here. Also searching to see if the specific problem has already been answered as 7 years down the line the chances are it has, somewhere - but there are still unanswered questions even now and with every update comes new challenges for modding so don't be disheartened if nobody answers and, if I manage to solve a solution myself - I will answer my own post, just in case someone is trying to work something out in another 7 years time 🙂


I have no experience in cars/building making other than editing some vehicle textures in Gimp. 


Finally, Google* is your friend, search away and ask the question to the search engine several different ways and you may get lucky. 


Some other useful links: 





I hope this helps you get started (even if just a little bit). 


*Other search engines are available.

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