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[PEDS] GIMS Evo and it's exporting shenanigans

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I've been messing around with more extreme forms of ped modding recently and, despite being able to port entire models with their original rigging by adapting what I already had to V standards, one huge problem comes into play: Face Shifting.


Here's an example.



Face Shifting is what I call this phenomenon but I don't have much of an idea to why and how this happens. All and any weighted faces and verts that belong of the FACIAL_facialRoot hierarchy will get all distorted like this despite being fully functional in-game, which firstly led me to believe it had something to do with a weight link limit (amount of bones to which a single vertex is assigned to), which is capped at 4 in GTA V, but, even after making sure that limit wasn't surpassed, the issue persisted. All that makes me think the problem lays down somewhere in the OpenIV conversion as the issue is non-existent if you just re-import the exported model back into 3dsmax, but still, I have yet to find more concrete proof about that. All this weird distortion only seem to happen with the aforementioned FACIAL bones, the rest of the body is completely fine and moves just like it does inside 3dsmax. I did manage to remedy this issue a bit by exporting just the head model, importing it into OpenIV, exporting it to openFormats, importing it back into Max, and exporting it again so I can take this new head file and merge it with the old export containing the entire ped, but it doesn't fully solve the issue (and may not even do anything sometimes).


Another smaller annoyance is the edge split operation that GIMS Evo applies to any model it exports, I presume it must have a reason for that, maybe it's easier to write all the model data by doing this, not sure as scripting is not my main strength, but it's hard to ignore the fact that this action triples the poly count, and I'm not even taking in count the extreme half-an-hour long export times which make it hard to iterate on any changes done to the mod.


My goal with this post is to ask if anyone has made any discoveries about these issues, hopefully, even some kind of workaround, or maybe even a super-secret version of GIMS Evo locked away from the public for being too powerful (guess I'm asking too much with that one), but even if no one replies at least I want to let people know that it is fully possible to port a ped using just Max, GIMS and CodeWalker despite a few caveats here and there.


I'm sorry if I sounded a bit harsh, but truth is that I'm very grateful that GIMS Evo is a thing as I'm not very fond of Zmodeler 3, just wanted for it to work flawlessly now that CodeWalker can be used to create our own .YFT skeletons.


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