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Bobcat in Supa Save!

Brazilian Leone
Go to solution Solved by GTAKid667,

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I was reading the mainscm file of GTA III, searching for the parked car locations. There, I discovered that a Bobcat should spawn in the Supa Save! parking lot, in Portland View, Portland Island. Here is the code:


014B: $1B8 = init_parked_car_generator #BOBCAT -1 -1  0 alarm  40 door_lock  0  0  10000 at  1265.875 -620.75  11.6875 angle  180.0


However, I can never find this Bobcat in the Supa Save! parking lot. I know that some vehicles do not always are in their spawn slots, but this Bobcat in special i can never find. Does anyone knows if is this a bug? Do this Bobcat can really spawns in that point?


I found another code that I think can explain this problem, but I don't know enough to say if this is the real question:


014B: $1B8 = init_parked_car_generator #PONY -1 -1  0 alarm  0 door_lock  0  0  10000 at  1378.375 -607.1875 -100.0 angle  180.0


Both codes are labeled $1B8, so is that possible that the Pony car generator overwrites the Bobcat car generator, causing the Bobcat not to appear?


(I'm sorry about the poor english)

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  • Solution

Yes, the Bobcat will never spawn.


As you mentioned, it uses the same variable ($1B8 from your code snippet) as the Pony which appears near the beach on the east side of Supa Save.


It's not actually that part of the code where the issue is though. The Bobcat car generator in the code above is added to the save file. However, you'll notice that later on in the main.scm file there's a section where each of the car generators are set to generate using opcode 014C as they otherwise will not spawn. That's where you'll see the same $1B8 variable again listed twice:

014C: set_parked_car_generator $1B8 cars_to_generate_to 101 
014C: set_parked_car_generator $1B8 cars_to_generate_to 101

At this point in the code the $1B8 variable now represents the Pony car generator because it overwrote the stored Bobcat car generator in the code you showed above, so only the Pony is being set to generate. The Bobcat car generator is no longer stored in any variable and is therefore not set to generate anywhere in this section.


This means, as I mentioned earlier, that the Bobcat is in the save file but it will never spawn. Check out @thehambone's GTA3 Parked Car Editor and load any regular unmodded save file - You'll notice that the 6th vehicle listed is the Bobcat!



And you can see that the "Can Spawn" box is unticked. You can use this tool to tick it yourself though, and then you can have the Bobcat spawn in your game! :p






It's also worth noting that this is the case on every version of the game (including on console and mobile) and the same tool above can be used to see and correct this issue for several different platforms :)

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