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Problem with PS2 emulation on PS3


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Sometimes when I try and load a mission, or just randomly out of the blue I get a black screen yet I can still hear city noises. Sometimes the game recovers and sometimes not, and I have seen other reports of this but no solutions posted. My legit disc copy of GTA LCS is toast, but my backup is intact so atm this is my only option. The blackscreens don't happen often, but too often for my purposes. I'm trying a long series of glitches and require 36 hours of no freezing to make it work, but no such luck yet. I may just have to order a new copy, and a new PS2 controller while I'm at it. If anyone has any info of FHDB and FMCB performance that could be helpful too, I rather like the PS2 version better when I can get the FPS right. I have read that one guy using the disc version had no issues, maybe it needs to be in the disc tray for some reason.

I'm trying the PS2 classic version, we'll see how that goes. I hear the FPS is terrible but if it works I guess I can live with that for a few days. Once I get past this part the black screens are uncommon enough not to pose an issue I think.

I just ordered a new copy of the disc version too, soon I will be able to test all ways of playing the PS2 version on the PS3.

Okay it looks like jailbroken PS3 systems use a different emulator than the earlier models, exploiting the PS2 classics emulator. It's called ps2_netemu, and it's the only PS3 emulator that doesn't support PS2 discs. That means the reports I read of this disc version of the game working were being emulated in a totally different way.

I'm experimenting with the ps2_netemu debug menu, I was able to improve the performance drastically. Though common emulation issues persist, like the invisible train, I haven't seen any black screens yet. I'll post more info once I find the ideal setting.

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