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Suggestion: Frontier Pursuit - Huckster


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This will be my last Role Suggestion, I swear.  (<.<)


The Huckster is a trickster of chance and a consummate cheat.  He (or she) is *literally* a snake-oil salesman and a gambler with an ace up their sleeve - who has no qualms about cheating anyone of anything they feel might be of use to them; especially money.  The Huckster Role should have a Story Element to it, in that your character becomes the "muscle" of the operation for your Accomplice (the NPC who manages your carriage of tonics).  As the carriage is not really a vehicle, it should remain parked at your Camp when not in use for a Mission.  Obviously, your Accomplice should be a bombastic character, but preferably someone who also fades into the background more than Cripps while at Camp.  Like Cripps, they should also have a variety of wardrobe options.


This Role would require bringing some of the single-player games of chance into the Online Mode.  This leaves us with Blackjack, Dominoes, and Poker.  The Huckster Role progresses through ranks most effectively by amounts of money won spent Cheati- err... gambling, but there are other methods of progression, too (Amount of Pot Won on a "Cheating" Hand correlates to Role Experience awarded).  Also, wherever you might find a Huckster, their Carriage of Tonics won't be far behind.  


Some Mission examples include: 


Medicine Show: Put on a Medicine Show in [insert Town Name] with your Accomplice. Sell as much of your Wonder Elixir as you can and Leave the Area in your Tonic Carriage before the Timer expires.  There should be about, say, five varieties of performances available, using a combination of timed emotes and NPC interaction.


Resurrectionist (Grave Robber): Using your Carriage, locate the body of [insert name here], dig it up, and deliver it to Doctor [insert name here] for study.  Basically...  Bounty Hunting for corpses.


Ingredient Gathering: Much like the Trader Role, the Huckster must gather ingredients to create their Wonder Elixir.  This tends to be a combination of herbs, sweet liquors, animal oils, and other - more exotic - ingredients like Cocaine, Opium, Cannabis, and Laudanum.  Like Moonshine, the Huckster's Wonder Elixir comes in a variety of flavors.


A Very Caring Apothecary: Occasionally, even a charlatan such as yourself can stumble upon a chance to do a good deed and help a fellow out - even if that fellow is yourself.  This Mission is about just such a need, so you'll want to go to the Doctor's and slip on a bandana, then slip out with the drugs.


Dodging A Bullet: This spontaneous Mission can come at any time, even while you are on another Role Mission!  A Posse of Hired Guns are looking for you, and they want blood!  Somewhere, you have a very dissatisfied customer... or maybe someone you cheated wants their money back.  Who knows?  Track down the malcontent and deal with them or the Hired Guns will just keep coming.  Frequency of this Mission is reduced while in Defensive Mode playstyle.


No-Good Cheat ("Cheating" Hands): Each round of any given game, the Huckster has the option to "Cheat" on their turn.  Doing so rolls the Huckster's Dead Eye against the Dead Eye of other players in the mini-game, giving them about two seconds to react to the Cheat if spotted.  Hucksters in Defensive Mode cannot use the Cheat option, and players in Defensive Mode are not paired with players in Offensive Mode.  This means you cannot take part in Huckster Cheat games if your Play Style is set to Defensive as Huckster OR as victim.  Players who "spot" a "Cheat" and react in time stand up in the game, shoot the Huckster (who dies, is removed from the match - minus their pot, which is raked by the House, and respawns normally for the area they were in), then sit back down and rejoin the game.  Similarly, NPCs in single-player mini-games receive a boost to their Dead Eye while playing and this is pitted against the Huckster's Dead Eye, per the above.  Hucksters caught cheating automatically lose their stake in the pot (the full amount; not just the ante) and trigger hostility from all NPCs playing the game.  Likewise, they become WANTED with all of the accompanying consequences that status carries.



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