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Suggestion: Frontier Pursuit - Bosun


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Once again, mostly in the tin; Bosun.  The key to the Bosun's trade is, of course, their boat, which acts as both Vehicle and a smaller Camp (see pics).  Boats should be docked with an accompanying docking fee, depending on where you choose to keep it moored, and can be used for a wide variety of missions.  This should open up a variety of unique tools & upgrades, as well, such as: Fish Nets, Enhanced Lures, Spyglass, Steam Engine Upgrade (speed/smokestack), Hidden Compartment, Improved Cargo Hold, Ice Hatch, etc.  Maybe Advertising as an upgrade to increase frequency of missions?  Having a place on the boat itself to craft some unique Bosun-related items would be pretty cool, too - this would be an excellent opportunity to introduce something like Fly Fishing with its own rod and special lures, for example.  The Houseboat has a firepit for cooking, and the bed could be a good place to rest up/change wardrobe.  Collecting Deliveries should not be an option from the boat, but may be a nice station to have on the docks where it is moored.


The Bosun should be able to have two boats, with only one Active at a time: The Houseboat, for fishing/covert missions, and the small Steamboat for larger cargo/trade missions.  The Houseboat would have more Camp-like interactive nodes while the small Steamboat would be more functional for a wider variety of missions.  Both would be incredibly useful for RP & Immersive gameplay, for those who care about that sort of thing (such as myself).  This would also likely require a small adaptation of the same code that allows you to jump from one horse to another or to jump on to a moving train to hijack it, for NPCs to be able to do the same to you on your boat (and vice versa).


Smuggling: Pick up the Contraband from Point A and deliver it to Point B while evading detection and the Port Authority (law enforcement).

Iceman (Seasonal): Take your boat north of Annesburg, cut some ice from the river, and haul it south before the clock runs out!

Shipping: Pick up the Freight from Point A and deliver it to Point B while evading Banditos who want to steal it (PVP element, as well).

Ferryman: Give a Stranger a ride for a fee, from Point A to Point B to Point C to Point D...  Watch out for natural disasters and opposing traffic!

Fisherman: Catch X pounds of fresh fish and deliver it to the dock before the timer runs out.

Trafficking: Pick up the Cargo from Point A and deliver it to Point B, evading and defending your vessel from the pursuing strangers.  This can mean rescuing people or kidnapping them, depending on your Honor.

Trader Missions: New Trader Missions for supplies & delivery using your boat.

Moonshiner Missions: New Moonshiner Missions for delivery and eliminating competition using your boat.

Mudlarks: New underwater Collector Collections only retrievable by boat and hook.

Hobbler: Use your boat as a tug to help a stranger in need - or kill them and deliver their boat to a disreputable dock for profit.

Log Driver (Matchmaking Mission): Use your boats to drive logs upriver to the sawmill (herding logs instead of cattle).

Powder Monkey: Same as Shipping/Smuggling, but with an explosive element.


I'm certainly open to more suggestions if anyone has any.  :)  Does anyone have any story ideas?  I'm thinking something to do with Miss Maud Delancey, maybe?


Houseboat, Below: 




Small Steamboat, Below: 




Example of Steam Engine Upgrade for Houseboat, Below: 


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