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Suggestion: Frontier Pursuit - Taxidermist


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Once again, this is pretty much in the tin (WARNING: This post is a little spoilery - not very, but a little).  The assets are there, mostly, and this Role would be a wonderful complement to the Naturalist Role: Taxidermist.


This would also be a role in which you go forth and have to recover Perfect pelts (or the larger fish varieties!) for different kinds of animals that you can sell to The Taxidermist (from the single-player mode quest).  It would be a logical fit to add some cryptids back in here, as well, like Bigfoot, Thunderbirds, Chupacabra, etc.  You could also Unlock & buy Pamphlets that let you craft some of the taxidermy items you see in-game as items you can sell at the General Store for more money.  It would be nice to see these added as extra decoration options for the Moonshiners cabin, too.  Annnd...  then there's the Experimental Taxidermy which could be an entirely separate but fun storyline (jarred specimens could be an interesting decoration, as well, though obviously the Manmade Mutant should remain unique).  See the two videos below, for The Taxidermist quest (spoilers) and the Weird Taxidermy house (I'm not sure if there's a related quest in single player for this part or not).


Anyone else have any thoughts on this idea?






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