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Suggestion: Frontier Pursuit - Rancher


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Rancher Role that lets you buy an instanced house, similar to the Moonshine Shack with themes and the like.  

Rancher Missions: Tame Wild Horse (add to stable at reduced cost or sell at market), Herd Cattle, Guard Duty, Tend Crops, and random events such as a fire or a bandit attack.

Ranchers could also host group missions (Posse) for the same types, above, or go rogue with Steal Cattle, Horse Rustling, and Ranch Heist (attack a rival ranch/farm).

Ranchers could also host group PVP Events where people can come as either Bandit or Hands (attackers/defenders) in the queue.


Ranches could have various nodes you can acquire that add functionality, like Farm Land, Liquor Shack, Lodges, or Livery.

Farm Land to add Tend Crops missions and let you grow certain plants for the season (that you can either sell or keep; Corn or Tobacco, for example).

Liquor Shack to open up group missions like Horse Rustling or Ranch Heists... also works as a Fence.

Lodges that give you a small daily cash reward (which you must collect or it is lost), and places a random Stranger in your Ranch (making their respective mission available to you).

Livery to open up Tame Wild Horse missions and allow you to stable or sell them.


Additionally, Ranches should allow you to "rest up" and "lie low".

Rest Up: Sleeping in your own bed gives you golden cores and a small XP bonus for an hour or so.  Moves game time forward 8 hours.

Lie Low: Lying Low allows you to keep a low profile for a while, reducing any Bounties on you by $1.00.  You may only Lie Low once per RL day.


And, lastly, the Rancher Role should allow you to pursue a Love Interest storyline. 

This NPC becomes your quest-giver at the Ranch and is designed by you (you rescue them and they are initially veiled by bandages or some other mechanism, until you can design them in a mirror at the ranch).



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I honestly love this idea, having an opportunity to break horses, round up cattle, buy feed to maintain the herd, own a stable, defend your home from rustlers... I feel like your taxidermy role might fit in here well too, now that Gus is a mainstay. We could trade him the pelts to customize our home with made to order novelty items. 

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