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.NET SDK for developing plugins for GTA

GitHub - Downloads - Discord



"How to make an asi in C# pls?..", You may have seen this statement before in any modding community and someone sarcastically replied to him/her...

But to be clear, there is no direct way to make .NET code to be injected to GTA or any un-managed process. So GTASDK.NET boots .NET environment over GTA and load the .NET dlls to alter game behavior...


Hey.. Enough big brain talk, make it clear for me!

GTASDK.NET allows your .NET dlls to be injected in the game and call game functions and change values of the variables like if the game was made in .NET..

Wait.. Is this another .NET Script Hook?
No, Script hooks loads .NET dlls to the game as GTASDK.NET does but the diffrence that Script Hooks only provides functions that calls game native (scm) opcodes which is limited, but GTASDK.NET provides a safe .NET interface to actual game functions and classes. in more simple words, It's like DK's Plugin-SDK but for C#


So what I can do using it?

Beside being able to call game functions, You have .NET environment over the game! this means you can unleash your .NET power: show child-windows using WinForms, or add some fancy libraries like SharpDX for drawing some graphics or NAudio for playing some sounds? It's up to your .NET abilities.


Required .NET Framework version  .NET 4.8


How to install?

Grab the zip from download and extract in the root folder (VC/III) for SA: use an asi loader.


Show me more information...

GTASDK.NET supports C# and VB.NET, you can find examples that illustrates developing plugins.


Current classes (almost done):


Vice City:

  • CAutomobile
  • CCivilianPed
  • CEntity
  • CGame
  • CHud
  • CMatrix
  • CMessages
  • CPed
  • CPhysical
  • CPlaceable
  • CRunningScript
  • CStreamingInfo
  • CVehicle
  • CWeather
  • CWorld
  • helper class: ScriptCommands


For SA and III: Only CHud for now (I focus more on VC, but more classes coming)


Supported Versions: VC 1.0, III 1.1, SA 1.0


How to start writing my plugin: 




Special Thanks: Plugin-SDK Team

AcknowledgementEasyHook library used for hooking un-managed functions with managed ones.


For help and support: Discuss it in this topic or better to do it in the Discord server, Don't PM in the forum!


Edited by EightyVice
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At this rate, there is gonna be a GTA SA plugin for every programming language lol. And that would be a good day indeed.


This is the beginning of something great.

I agree: this is indeed great work. Kudos!

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Added a tutorial video in the topic and more functions to VC classes.

Edited by EightyVice
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