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Is it true DX12 doesn't support HDR?

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I have been struggling to get this game running since the naturalist patch. Previously, I had it running fine under Windows 10 v 1909 with HDR and fullscreen with my G-Sync monitor. After much back forth, I was told by Rockstar that they had dropped support for all but the latest versions of Windows 10, so I did a clean install of the Windows 10 May 2004 update and reinstalled the game only to find that it is still crashes after launch. I was then told to contact Nvidia as it must be a driver related issue, or to try one of AMD's cards. I did try and put an RX580 card in to see if it would work, but it still crashed at the exact same spot unless I disable HDR. Rockstar says that DX12 does not support HDR functionality, and that I must disable the feature if I want to run the game. Problem is, it was all running fine pre-patch. I am able to get the game to launch if I run in windowed mode, but my G-Sync doesn't work properly this way and I end up with really bad dithering and noise for some reason. I don't think I have ever spent as much time trying to troubleshoot a game as I have with this, and I am at my wits end. Is it true that DX12 and HDR do not work together under Windows 10?

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Nope, works here on windows 10, GTX 960 4GB paired with a Sony 43-W660F HDR TV. BTW why don’t you switch to Vulkan if you have problems with DX12?

Edited by The007connoisseur

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