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MIke Toreno appreciation thread

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This topic is to appreciate a little the great person and the great impact that Toreno has in the history of GTA San Andreas.

Man his missions and rewards for me are the best in the game, N.O.E, Stowaway, Interdiction, etc,

For me the missions of the aviation school are simply epic, I know that missions like N.O.E are complicated, but missions with which we have to pilot airplanes (My favorite transport in Grand Theft Auto) are only given to us with Toreno missions,.

Thanks to him after the Vertical Bird mission we have an infinite supply of heavy weapons (such as the Rocket Launcher and the Minigun), which is good if we take the time of saving and loading a savegame in his ranch, but above all, I consider him a valuable character because thanks he, we freed Sweet from prison to return Grove Street to the top of Los Santos and then end Big Smoke's Crack empire and the riots that Tenpenny had caused

Man, how not to appreciate so much Toreno?


"I can kill you with a mental ray ..."

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"Nobody is watching anybody watching nobody"


He probably is the coolest character in SA, great voice acting from James Woods. I agree that his missions are great and I particularly like the mysterious way you start doing missions for him and finding his house out in the desert after previously thinking you'd killed him. Another great transition to a new part of the map.

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Outlaw Biker Viking

Mike Toreno is CIA scum. He better not go undercover in the Koloff crime family or I’m gonna have my enforcer, Ivan Drago go undercover right in his arse!

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Carl- my mother told me not to talk to strangers


Toreno- yeah and look what happened to the bitch



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