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Rockstar Social Club 2-step verification


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Not sure if this is the right place to ask but I need some help on how to do this. Now when I log into my Social Club account I have to do the 2 step verification. I tried a few apps which are needed to do this in order to scan a QR code but the Social Club website asks me to fill in a code instead. These apps however do not generate such a code because I need to fill in a code first myself. So I'm lost here and would appreciate it if someone could help me out.


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I love how it says to scan the QR code on the Social Club site, but there isn't one. I did a factory reset to my phone and no longer have the ability to use it on Social Club or use iFruit app. I used the Google Authenticator in the past, but I have to re-verify my phone, but can't.

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For my first time setup with Social Club I used the Google Authenticator App. When it asked me to scan the QR code it wasn't available so I used the Manual entry. I remember Google sending me a code to my email address that I put in and I was done.




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The problem I'm facing is because there is no QR code presented I need to choose an alternative and then need to first fill in a key in these apps. But how do I receive this key?


With the Google Authenticator app I can only choose 'scan QR code' or 'fill in key'. When I choose the second option I then need to enter my account and a key, but again how do I know what key to enter?

Edited by DBrasco
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I've been able to get the Google authenticator app working, but now the codes it gives are incorrect....


Why does this company needs to be such a f*cking pain in the ass? Now I can't log into my account because I'm forced to do a verification that doesn't work.

Edited by DBrasco
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If you're receiving codes but they're incorrect then you have an account problem that can only be fixed via Rockstar Support. Go to this link.




EDIT: One more thing. The authenticator is phone specific so when Rockstar gets you running use the Google App to make backup copies of the codes. It will generate 10 codes that you print out and store in your home. Then if you switch phones you use one of those codes to get the new phone recognized.


Good Luck

Edited by daisymollie
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