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anyone still play gta 3 ??


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I have not played it since i have completed 100 % of it😜


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  • 3 weeks later...

I recently started another 100% run ahead of remaster rumors. One of the funny things I found out (or re-remembered) is that when I missed the ramp jump from the airport back to Wichita Gardens (safe house area) due to me not being used to 60 FPS car physics, even though I drove straight into the water, the river is not all that deep and you can sort of recover on the other side of it when the wave hits a certain way.


Dying in these games sucks because I play with pseudo-permadeath rules but obviously with save reloading if there is a fail.

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10 hours ago, DEALUX said:

That's cheating lol.


That didn't stop the Houston Astros. 

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  • 1 month later...

always since 2001. started when i was 10yo, still playin it every year, will keep playin it until i die.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I still play every other day. I have these old games on my consoles and my phone. So if the mood strikes I go back in time and spend hours exploring or put a dent in the story... I will forever love this game. And I will always visit it at least once a month.

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i LOVE gta 3 man. i think its one of my favorites if not my favorite ❤️

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Not right now, but I play the PS2 version every now and then, I've had it since 2001. I enjoy trying to find interesting glitches in the game and it has a certain atmosphere/feel that I really like.


I do have the original Xbox version as well which I haven't played yet, but I will play it eventually, it'll be interesting seeing the small differences between the two games.



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Grand Theft Auto 3 was the real game that introduced open-world genre to the gaming world. It revolutionizes the concept of a game. Before, we are limited to linear gameplay, where there is only one way to proceed in the game. In open-world game, the player has many options to proceed in the game at any given time with many different outcomes. This kind of game is what had been fascinating the gamers a lot that many other franchises, such as The Mafia and Just Cause, are promoting open-world feature as their main selling point about their games. There are some franchises, such as Metal Gear Solid and Dynasty Warriors, are starting to incorporate open-world feature into their games in order to attract the gamers into playing their games.

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You know, III, like VC and SA is one of those games that's just in constant rotation with me. I'm the same way with albums, I'll listen to The Chronic on repeat for a month, then not listen to it for a while and get straight back into it at a later time. I might not play III for a certain period of time, but eventually, the time will come where I just sit down and go on a rampage or start another 100% play through etc etc. 10 months ago I completed SA to 100% on PS2, had no intentions of doing again at all this year but now here I am in November and I am once again smashing out SA for 100% except this time I'm on PC. So yes, I am still playing III, and I will likely play III for a good portion of my life, while alternating between my other go-to's such as VC and SA.

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