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anyone still play gta 3 ??


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Yes, there is a community of GTA III players right here on the forum.


Tune in to This Topic

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Leone associate2

I do. I wasn’t really allowed to play it back when it came out so I’m making up for it now ☺️. For some reason it is my favorite GTA to play, even more than SA and Vice City. The dark atmosphere of the game is addicting 

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Haven't played very many games lately, I downloaded the Winter Mod of GTA 3 and I'll probably start playing once snow hits the area - but yeah I still play the game of course

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  • 2 months later...

3 is the only gta I’ve ever beaten and I’m giving it another go. Plan on getting as close to 100% it before I get bored and play something else. This time I’m trying out different custome skins :3

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Pooka Mustard

I play all 3D GTAs more than the HD GTAs. (I wish I gave IV some more spin though)


III is no different.

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Of course, I add mods to update it, but always respecting the essence and atmosphere of the game:
Silent Patch, windscreen fix, Project2DFX, SkyGfx, and the lc98 mod, but with the colors of the original game, and the aiming as in SA.




He also adds new costumes to Claude, although only 10 and only something that the character would wear, as if it were something official


And finally I made the new radio station with these songs:

-All I Wanna Do Air Play Mix

- Conor  Jay  Complicated Full song

-DERRICK MAY  Kaotic Harmony

-Fine Young Cannibals  She Drives Me Crazy 1989

- GTA III  Head Radio  Tom Novy  Back To The Streets

-Nas  Nas is like HQ

-Scarface Soundtrack  Shoot and Drive Away  Giorgio Moroder.

- Scarface Soundtrack  Success  Paul Engemann

-Self Conscience Dirty Version

- Wash Him Off.mp3

-Wings With Me.

Edited by Lautarochannel
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I regularly play whichever GTA is on hand at the time; GTA3 and Vice CIty are my favourites anyway, and encapsulate for me what the GTA magic actually is, which I've always said started to get lost in San Andreas and was practically gone by IV! GTA3 is a firm favourite and will always be a very special game to the fans

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I got it on my PS4, it was a reduced price for like £3? It's nostalgic and a nice way to see how the games have evolved. 

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I still play it every now and then, roughly once a year. Though this time I've stumbled across the Frosted Winter total conversion mod, which is very excellent. That's put a fresh spin on it for sure.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Im doing a 100% marathon of every single 3D GTA game,and started with GTA 3 of course.

Im at Staunton rn after 2 days of playtime and im around 30% so far,playing on PS2,tad more challenging than any other version.

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On 4/22/2021 at 10:02 PM, Lautarochannel said:

-All I Wanna Do Air Play Mix


That's a good one. I knew this song from GTA 2 and years later heard the string arrangement from it in the movie 'Boogie Nights' and found out it's sampled from this track, 'Ain't No Stopping Us Now' by McFadden & Whitehead. Not sure how well known that is.



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