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Got 45k in money bags dropped onto me by a modder. Should I be worried?


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So I was playing online on PC, about to spawn a buzzard beside me so I could make some money with the CEO stuff when suddenly a bunch of bags start raining onto my character. I quickly ALT+TAB and leave the game to stop this. I still have the modded money which has me worry that I might be tainted and wiped sometime soon. How do I get rid of this? Will I get my progress wiped?

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No, don't be worried just continue playing the game as normal. 
You can't rid of it and people will tell you on various sites that spending modded money gets you banned but that's false (it's not as simply clear cut as that, reverse engineering the game will show you that). 

There's no "modded money pool" so anyone that tells you not to spend it is living in a dream world as that's unavoidable if you have daily fees, which any player with a garage or apartment has. 

And Rockstar Games / Rockstar Support couldn't accept individual requests to remove modded money because they'd be inundated with people daily asking them to remove cash they didn't want. There are people that have done that and need to wait 3 months for it to happen, there's other people that have done that 3 years ago and are still waiting for the modded money to be removed. They specifically tell people now NOT to create support tickets for money removal requests. 

TL, DR: just continue as normal. 

Edited by Gaffa
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few years ago I contacted R* support about the same problem, they told me that I you didn't solicit money and money were forced on me I have nothing to worry about. Modded money however will be removed from my account during a regular sweep. Since if was about 70K I didn't really noticed if was removed or not, so I think you have nothing to worry about. I would not go lower than 45K on my account though just in case. If you worry about it you can contact Rockstart support and tell them about incident to have official answer .

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Deposit the money in your Maze bank account and fill out a ticket at the following link. https://support.rockstargames.com/categories/200013306?step=b9b6a0af and give them a rough idea of what happened. Although they will close the ticket you will have a record and a ticket numberr that you reported it. Then, play the game as you normally would but leave enough of a balance in your account so when Rockstar comes to collect it you will have it there. 


What gets players banned is when someone drops them a million and they suddenly go on a spending spree buying apartments and cars. That's where the cheat comes in and they have a low tolerance for it.


Play it safe and don't listen to those who tell you otherwise or read the flak I'm going to take. I've followed my own advice... three times when I was on the 360.


Edited by daisymollie
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You won't get banned when you get money dropped so you should be safe. Your more likely to get banned entering a modder's car and them transferring invincibility on you.

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