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[SPOILERS] Has anybody else watched True Detective season 2?

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Posted (edited)



I finally caved and binged it last night. I don't think it was as horrible as the critics and reviewers said it was, but I also don't think it was all that good. In season 1, the bad guys were straight up bad guys. In season 2, I felt like there were bad guys, but they weren't really important characters, and the guys the show wants you to treat as bad guys weren't really bad guys. So what if a Russian mob boss makes deals with mega-corps and politicians, and they do it in forest mansions that have a bunch of willing prostitutes for massive orgies? Is it corrupt? Sure. Are they good people? No. But they're not exactly the kinds of bad guys anybody wants in a True Detective story. And honestly, who gives a f*ck? You still get to wake up and live your life with those kinds of people. The actual "bad guy" who committed the murder that set the whole thing off? Turns out he was just getting revenge for sh*t the real bad guys from thirty years prior did. But then you have Frank, who's supposed to be the mobster with a heart of gold, but he's arguably the biggest dick on screen for a good portion of the season, and kills or hurts the most people on screen. So yeah, not horrible, but definitely kinda bunk.

Edited by TheMadHammer

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It was good, the plot wouldn't be too out of place in the gta universe tbh

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4 hours ago, DownInTheHole said:

It was good, the plot wouldn't be too out of place in the gta universe tbh

There was a dude who did a Season 1 style opening credits for RDR2, and it was amazing. When I saw the opening ctedits for Season 2, I thought it would totally be perfect to do re-interpret that for GTAV

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Mister Pink
Posted (edited)

I watched a couple of episodes and thought it was good. Not sure why I didn't continue. Going to re-watch it. 


But people don't like change in series. Even when they know it's anthology. Same happened season 2 of The Wire. Anyone that re-watched it or new about the slight change in focus from season 1 to season 2, said it's one of the best seasons. So, I think a lot it is down to change. Was kind of the same for me with Fargo Se2. But it turned out to be amazing!


Edit: Didn't read your post past the first sentence or two due to the spoiler alert. And thanks for the spoiler alert. 

Edited by Mister Pink
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