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Add DLC that allows Arthur to try and find gold through panning.


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Why not add in gold panning to any new DLC for the Story and Online play. It could be a new Trade for online play. The role could be Miner or Panner.


Setup a quest line to start the gold panning process that can be done through the entire world. 


Start off with a simple pan and work up to a small and then larger sifters to move more dirt. Panning would produce gold flakes and smaller nuggets with an increase in findings the closer you are to the source. Place gold deposits in various places in the streams so people have to find the source. Progress at the source would require mining picks and mules or wagons to carry the gold found. You could even add in a smelting process to turn gold ore to bars. 


I see gold panners already in the game so some of the resources are already built in. Tips could be added for people to find from existing panners in the game as well as saloons and barber small talk. 


For online play, you could have some gold panning operations be robbing quests unless they have staked a legal claim. To stake a legal claim, they must have produced a certain amount of gold from that specific area and purchased a claim from a court office. This would work similar to the camp flag. Anyone panning for gold cant be robbed if they have a claim for that spot.


This would also be a great way for people to earn gold by completing quests. Daily mining/panning quests in certain areas could be added to rob specific players who are panning without claims. Daily quests could be added to pan in certain areas as well.

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