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Am I missing something?


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So I grinded and grinded and got a fully upgraded bunker, cocaine lab, import/export warehouse, which has taken me days of playing to get. I'm a solo player so I sell the bunker for 210k as it's one vehicle delivery. Cocaine for 109k, taking away 150k for supplies. Then taking away all my outgoings staff and utility bills, and the damage costs of importing cars. I'm kind of making nearly 300k every 4 -5 hours of playing the game, and that is if everything runs smoothly which is less than likely. 


I've heard I need to grind more to afford more business like the nightclub which is like 4mil to fully upgrade ? And also more MC business so I can go 'AFK' by keeping my console on 24/7 ? 


Is this true, do people actually do this ? 😂 As I do have a life and it seems to me like this game is a 24hr lifestyle. 



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That's pretty much GTA as it is today. Shark Cards, glitching, or spending your entire life watching your cargo getting blown up by Mk2s.

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I feel like you could've just continued your last thread?

Either way the nightclub is sort of 'end game' so i would hold off on getting that, you need to start heisting, first legit (because they are fun in their own way and good PVE practice) and then once you have reached a point where you just want lots of money and can host any heist you like, start doing the 'finale-repeat-glitch' on whichever heist tickles your fancy. Lots of people do it on bogdan act2 because its a short as hell finale for good pay, but its possible with the other doomsday heists and casino heist as well & they might be more fun.

Use some of your earnings to start buying the rest of the MC companies, just run their initial set-up then forget about them, then once you have all you can finally justify buying a nightclub with the warehouses below, and then because you have all companies for it they will generate you 1,55mil of passive income 


Buying the nightclub before you have at least most of the companies is kind of a waste, so 'collect' the companies first with income from heists, then nightclub.

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