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Hi all 

So I'm a solo player and have a few businesses now, cocaine, meth, and bunker all fully upgraded and I have been buying 1 lot of supplies for each so it usually never supplies over the point that I would need to use more than one vehicle when doing my deliveries so that way I don't have to keep going back to each one checking I havent gone over the one vehicle supply limit.


I heard that buying a nightclub and all the upgrades would automatically give me the supplies without buying them ???? And if so will it just keep going until my stock was full???? Because if that is the case would this be worth buying being a solo player as I won't be able to deliver them all ???? 


Any advice would be great 😊

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The Nightclub doesn't supply or resupply your Biker Businesses, it supplements them. So you'll still need to keep on top of supplies for the Biker Businesses if you want to see money gain for the Biker Businesses. 


It takes something like 66 hours for an upgraded Nightclub to reach $1.665 million worth of product, but it only takes what, 5 hours (?) for a fully upgraded Coke Lab to get $420,000 worth of product. Of course, as a solo player, those full sale deliveries are harder to do, and Nightclub sale missions are always possible when solo, but they are two separate things. 

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I enjoy the nightclub since it produces stock with no input. I did try running the bunker and funny money business, however I didn’t find the payoff for doing the time consuming supply missions to be worth it. Does cocaine pay better?

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I mean a "complete player" could purchase supplies for Biker Businesses via the Master Control Terminal in Arcades, and then that'd almost essentially be automated / with no input. 

An upgraded Cocaine Lockup makes a maximum of $420,000 worth of stock every 5 or 6 hours or something, so in the time it takes for the NC to become full ($1,665,000 or so), you'd have done like 10 coke sales ($4,200,000) or whatever. 

The only difference being all Nightclub sales are soloable because if you let the Biker Businesses get fully stocked, you may need one or two extra people to help. The solution there is to sell at lower stock levels so they are soloable.

Edited by Gaffa
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