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Should GTA bring back dismemberment?


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Just now, The Tracker said:


Maybe, but who knows, I don't see a GTA game being as gruesome as RDR2, they might overhaul the bullet wounds, blood details and euphoria, but I think a graphical dismemberment system wouldn't suit the tone of GTA, IMO, unless they head to a IV esque direction again. Who knows, I might be proven wrong.



I wouldn't be surprised if this E&E update includes an improvement to the gore system.


Just have to see



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Middle Class Roadman
6 hours ago, Geisterfaust said:

Don't bother, he said yesterday that he's going to leave on vacation and not taking any calls. Try DMing him, maybe he will respond then.



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  • 2 weeks later...
Evil empire

It's impossible to know but I would like having the possibility to maim my victims, even more if I can explode the corpses like in Half-Life.

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В игре есть возрастное ограничение. Если вам нравится GTA lll играть в нее, зачем делать это в новой части GTA?

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Hopefully it will and I want to be able to go and decapitate a NPC's Head or their other limbs similar to Witcher 3 and Middle Earth Shadow of War and also the gore should be like Last of Us 2. RDR2 gore was great but TLOU2 is literally way better from what I've seen.

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On 5/24/2021 at 5:53 PM, billiejoearmstrong8 said:

They've toned down the gore in line with how cartoonish vs realistic the games are. GTA has a more light hearted tone than a game like RDR and mass murder happens more often with much lighter consequences so graphic gore would come off as more gratuitous than it does in RDR (where there's heavier consequences and it comes off more as just part of realism in the same way hunting animations etc do). 


If they had dismemberment it wouldn't be "like in GTA III" because GTA III is a far more cartoonish and less realistic game. It would be a lot more disturbing in a modern GTA game with modern graphics and realistic humans, more like a horror game or something. I wouldn't mind them increasing the detail a bit but I doubt they'll go all in with gore and dismemberment, simply because it probably wouldn't fit the tone they want for GTA. 

That's it. One thing I thought if GTA has dismemberment is how it would look like in a mass murder scenario, like a player collecting many people at once to explode them with grenade. It just too disturbing and unhealthy for average GTA players. R* definitely need to tone it down, even though it will be unrealistic.

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I really hope it does. This is a violent game and its sad that there is no slice and dice when it comes to combat. Im so glad for the excellent dismemberment mod for GTA5. They should ramp it up in VI with realistic slide and dice and Trantino-movie style blood spurts. If any of you have seen the epic scene in Rambo 4 and the .50 cal...thats what we need! 


Unfortunately I dont think this will ever happen. So its back to opening up with heavy snipers and .50 cals and NPCs staying in one piece.

Edited by KatanaDV20
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Im a huge gorehound, but I think we wont get dismemberment in GTA. Its Just to Close to reality.Even the Rating Boards make a big difference between Fantasy/historical settings and realistic/Modern Times settings, when it comes to gore and I can See the point in this...

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  • 1 month later...

We got some pretty gnarly gore in RDR2, showing that the engine could support it, i'm just curious to the fact if the next GTA would have dismemberment/gore, or would it be like GTA 4/5's cartoony bleed out and bullet decal type of gore?

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I hope not. It's messy.


Also, I hope Rockstar removes that awful effect that is present in Grand Theft Auto V, meaning bullet holes everywhere - even on the face. WTF?

Edited by Americana
  • excuseme 2
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Not really sure how I feel about it. Definitely not the option that I would ask for, but also not an option that I will hate if it will be present. Better traffic and enemy behavior are priorities for me and the bigger map, for sure. Gore, a lot of us can live without. A lot have changed in game design since Soldiers of fortune.

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Algonquin Assassin

I don't see anything wrong with using the level of gore that was present in Red Dead Redemption 2. It can be done in a way that's not excessive, but at the same time still violent within reason. 

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GTA IV Signature V4 by Lettermaniac on DeviantArt

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(got curious how the topic was going.., and really not surpised by that edit, but opinions are fair, except when they are made to pass as objective when they arent.., either way, on topic)


as said above, Rockstar knows that as things go on people are bound to expect an increasing level of want for realism.., be it shrinking, expanding, shriveled, or bloated skin or weight as show in many things in RDR2..,


and as time goes on people will also chsnge and sdjust to what isbfine to show in media in multiple topics(i can safely say that from my subjective viewpoint cause of the also diverse and extremes of clothing type and etc i see now a days)


that said R* will keep it fair, Adding gore, and etc. effects as they can..,

increasing the realism while avoiding going alil too far..,

when it comes to such details they like jabbing the nest, but have to be sure to made a long enough tool/etc in the first place.(else get swarmed all over again by those that do not see past the subjective, ideals, or the fact its fiction)

(as for how much.., probably too much of a jump to expect jagged bits, but safe to assume some pretty messed up textures.., -Horse Bug anyone.., or was that a mod..,- as for dismemberment, possible, but it would be way toned down..,)

but seeing as areas away from their neck of the gameindustry woods are on fire.., im confident they can try something brave.., although measured..,

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i would like it since i've got a little psychopathic brain, lol.


it also feels weird if you fire a rocket to an npc, that nothing is ripped off. so, severe weaponry should cause limbs or the head to be blown/cut off.

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60017 Silver Fox

I wouldn't mind it. It would be a nice little addition to a gunfight if I could shoot a guys arm off and have them react accordingly. Either wriggling in agony defeated or trying to pick up his pistol with his off-hand and having a huge accuracy debuff.

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  • 2 weeks later...
Sentinel Driver

Honestly I'd be a bit disappointed if gore wasn't at least on the same level with RDR 2 but then again I see it as understandable if the game is anything like GTA Online with tanks, fighter jets and rpgs all over the place.

Then again rdr 2 has explosive ammo and arrows too.... so you never know...

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What amazes me is that Rockstar has all the great games with the following:

  1. Best Gunplay - Max Payne 3
  2. Most brutal violence - Manhunt
  3. Incredible graphics/atmosphere - RDR2
  4. Incredible overall gameplay - GTAV
  5. Best facial animations - LA Noire (for its time)

Combine ALL of the above and create something truly special - that is what GTA 6 should be.

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24 minutes ago, ThirtyIR said:

4. Incredible overall gameplay - GTAV



I wonder why the GTA V point is the only one that doesn't mean anything. 

Edited by The Tracker
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