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Booted from GTA Online- Ddos


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Hi guys, I was booted a number of times today from GTA online via Ddos which I've never heard of before today. It was only a number of hours ago and took a screen shot of the player. He knocked my internet out at my home, this all felt pretty scary and feels like something pretty serious.

I've just signed up to express vpn as I don't want that happen again, can anyone explain how to stop this or has gone through the same thing and using express vpn on there ps4 correctly? 

I completed everything iand went back on and they still managed to boot me knocking out my internet, I'm thinking a vpn router might be the trick?

Is this ddos done via PC or ps4? I have no idea.

Thank you.


PS I'm in Australia btw.

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- DDos is generally done via PC, while some modded PS4 somewhere might be able to do it in general its safe to assume somebody is either using their PC or one of the many terrible websites that offer DDos 'as a service'

- First and foremost, you should report this to R* support over at https://support.rockstargames.com/ with a bit of luck they ban the person, wont stop the DDos though.

- I suggest you just dont play for the rest of the day, let the person have their little power trip, with a bit of luck they will get bored of it soon.
- If it continues then you can contact your ISP / 'Internet Service Provider' and ask them to enable DDos protection on your IP, or they can guide you trough enabling this protection in your router.
- If you want to make a case out of this and know more of the user besides their nickname (if its extreme then R* might be able to provide you with further information about the user) you should know that DDos'ing somebody is against the law in like 80% of the world, if you really wanted too (and this person isnt from Russia) then you could cause them some serious trouble trough a few legal routes, but this will take time and most likely cost you some money for a lawyer.

The harsh reality is that DDos is something that a ton of 'scriptkiddie' players consider "normal" and its an uphill battle to get somebody in trouble for it (especially if they live in Russia, as Putin pitches a tent any time some Russian acts like a douchebag to a non-Russian) even though like mentioned its against the law in most country's you cant do a whole lot about it, unless they are persistent you pretty much just have to accept it and hope they move on to bother somebody else. Wish i could give you a more useful answer but alas.

I would advice against gaming over VPN, as you would get more latency from that, so essentially you'd be paying to get more lag in your games.

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