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IFruit app


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Anyone else having issues with the IFruit app on iOS no matter what I do it crashes when I try to load LSC I’ve also try’d it on windows 10 and I can’t even log on in that version idk what to do I’m just trying to make a new custom plate

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I believe its update related, the new cars and lsc street wheels must have caused an issue. It'll be fixed, they just need an ifruit update. Which they will, they love u to spend spend spend and this 8s limiting it.


I mean i have all 30 custom plates, prolly bought 100+ by now at 100k a pop. So they want yo money, they fix the app, lol

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The app doesnt know how to deal with the new wheel category.


As much as i want to say that they will fix it im not so sure they still even work with the company that made them this application, and not so sure i want anybody to be updating the iFruit app, as there would be a fair chance that they would 'fix' the trick with painting stock wheels and that would be no fun.

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It always crashes on my android phone. I don't have Win 10 so I can't try it there. The app hasn't been updated since 2019.

I saw someone propose a fix on reddit and some people replied that it works (I haven't tested it myself though). You need to drive 10 of your personal vehicles that are "old". By that I mean cars that came out way, way back or the regular ones you can steal off the street. But you must own these cars as personal vehicles. The cars must also not have any of the newer modifications (ie street wheels or new liveries).

The app loads the last 10 cars you drove. I think that because the app hasn't been updated in a long time, it probably does not recognize any of the new cars or newer customization options, hence why it's crashing. This is just my theory though.

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