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New Agnes Dowd footage?

Jason King

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Is there a new Agnes Dowd update? Crossed the river at the trappers cabin and a huge face appeared on the screen. She was saying stuff like Agnes. Scared the crap outta me...lol 

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8 minutes ago, Mirror Park Resident said:

Oh crap...... I'd like to see that...... On Youtube, preferably, not ingame

I can’t find anything about it. But her face was literally almost half the screen and she was saying...”I’ve always loved you.” 

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Mirror Park Resident
5 hours ago, Jason King said:

I can’t find anything about it. But her face was literally almost half the screen and she was saying...”I’ve always loved you.” 

Are you on PC? Maybe it's just hackers.

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 It's likely hackers if it was on the PC, the problem seems to be out of control. When i first started the PC version a few months back it was peaceful and I moved here from the PS-4 (where my character is a bit more advanced), right now the game seems to be a complete mess, I wrote a lengthy rant about how I was hacked in a way that made me explode and messed up my aggression level. I've also had experiences like cages appearing around me while selling to the butcher, suddenly clipping into the ground, having my own horse registered as stolen property when I mount and dismount, and other assorted things. It doesn't shock me that someone would have found it amusing to make a display like this. 


 I don't like to be "that guy" but I think Rockstar needs to fire, or re-assign the teams currently responsible for managing their multiplayer and form new teams made up of people with some experience in this. Both GTA 5 and RDO are a giant hackfest on PC, and the responses to handling it have been less than outstanding since it continues constantly. My very limited time on GTA5 should make it clear that I find that game basically unplayable, RDO isn't there yet, but it's rapidly approaching that point. 


 I understand from a coding perspective they can't just change things overnight, but it occurs to me that MMOs have been running for a very long time now without the kinds of problems we're seeing here, however they explain not being able to get ahead of the problem, I think Rockstar needs to find better people who can. What's more I feel they need to hire active teams of in-game moderators whose job it is to hunt hackers aggressively. Given how the victimization seems to be random, done correctly it's only going to be a matter of time before people get caught if they have R* staff constantly in game policing. 


 Also I wouldn't mind so much if the hackers were a little more benevolent, but it seems like the only hackers I run into are those out to ruin the fun of others or render the game "hilariously" unplayable for them. Given the reported problems some people have had with legendary animals and the like it would be sort of cool if hackers did things like increase the spawn rate or something like that while Rockstar works on the problem.... but nope it's "I'm gonna make you explode, laugh when i alter reality so you steal your own horse, and/or laugh hysterically when I cause you to fall through the earth...."


I do hope Rockstar learns it's lessons when it comes to the next GTA game and has dedicated game servers for the multiplayer/persistent world, and a far more pro-active approach towards cheaters. They might also want to put more of an eye towards game balance and re-think their entire concept of PVP, especially when they aren't expanding single player content and the online mode has to both be PVE and PVP for the various kinds of players who want their fix. 


 Ignoring the hacker issue one problem I have with PVP in Rockstar's games is that it's too easy to quickly kill another player, especially using things like long range rifles or in GTA rocket launchers. To say nothing of things like say hovercycle fired guided missiles. In PVP you need to maintain a "versus"  component (it's part of the name) as a result there should always be a window where the target has a viable chance to respond to the aggressor to make it a confrontation. Sniping/ambush tactics, etc.... have no real place in this kind of game. I would argue that a lot of the crazier weapons should be disabled against players (do no damage) making it so PVP engagements need to happen at fairly close range using lower end weapons to ensure a battle. in GTA this would mean like handguns and SMGs, in something like RDO it might be seen as a mini-game of sorts sort of like calling someone out to a "high noon" type duel (which is particularly genre appropriate there). 


 See in my mind if you just snipe someone going by on his horse with a rifle, putting a bullet in their head, or launch an RPG into someone's delivery van, there is no "versus" to that. Not to mention some people don't want to be aggressive PKs, and the only way to be safe is to kill anyone you see just in case, since as things stand now sacrificing a potential first strike to someone else is catastrophic. I for one don't want to kill (or try to kill) any other player I see just in case they might be aggressive, and in both RDO and GTAO this has lead to me being victimized numerous times (even though to be fair most players just go about their business). 


 This can't be changed now (don't misunderstand what I'm saying here) but come RDR3 and/or the next GTAO it's something the design team needs to consider heavily. Perhaps the simplest way to handle it is much like MMORPGs (which this isn't exactly, but you can draw inspiration from them) and that is to not allow PVP in the open world, but limit it to the various mini-games and arenas. Since these games also need to be single player friendly, they need to find ways to make solo grinding (doing GTAO businesses) a little more entertaining without players filling the role of bad guys for each other.... which was a neat idea, but is hardly workable. 



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