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Serious problem (victimized by hacker)


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 I was just playing Read Dead Online and riding along minding my business when I ran into a sequence of events where I was surrounded by explosions that blew me up, sort of like gatling fire crackers. I tried to run away from this effect but kept dying, once due to a fall, and another time when my horse trampled me. Then suddenly it accused me of having killed a player called "Grim Reaper" or something like that and set my hostility to medium. 


 This is a major problem because I am a *low* hostility player, I do not attack anyone, ever, even if someone is annoying. What's more I do not want to be put into sessions with aggressive players or have to deal with people assuming I'm aggressive due to my blip being made visible early and so on. I need to get my hostility reset ASAP or for me there is no point to even playing the game as I am not going to have fun. 


 Over the last few days since I've returned to RDO, I've had problems ranging from being teleported into cages, to people appearing on top of me and going after me with Lassos, to the explosions out of nowhere (one particularly notable event was when I opened a treasure chest). I've mostly just been ignoring it as the price to be paid for playing a game like this, as hackers are known to be rampant in Rockstar games. HOWEVER permanently altering my character's hostility in ways that are going to hamper my ability to play the way I want even when the hackers are not around is simply going too bloody far. 


 I also hate to be "that guy", but if Rockstar doesn't fix this and take action to prevent hackers from performing these kinds of character alterations I am going to look into legal action. Not anything so stupid as "I'm going to sue the company for millions" but I will certainly pursue a refund for the game despite the time I put into it because it's being rendered unplayable for me, and I certainly think someone being able to indirectly edit my character (however they did it) and force me into a more aggressive PVP environment is an unreasonable thing for Rockstar to allow to happen in the online which is what I was primarily interested in..... at the end of the day I am aware the various EULAs probably protect Rockstar from something like a forced refund, but if that is the case I'm going to do everything in my power to inform people about what is going on here and make it clear the game has been rendered effectively unplayable to those who do not want to be placed into an aggressive environment. Regular hacking is one thing, you can just join another session or whatever, but changing what appears to be your permanent record and altering how the game makes you play it? That's something entirely different.


 At the end of the day I'd vastly prefer to avoid everything I mentioned above, as I still want to play the game (I don't actually want a refund or anything, I want to play in relative peace), Rockstar should strongly consider not only editing my sheet back to low aggression, and then either locking people to their aggression level of choice on request (so the game won't alter itself based on PVP-type activity regardless of what happens) or take down RDO until the hacking problems are fixed, or at least they can assure there won't be permanent environmental modifications to characters based on what hackers are doing. I for one can't figure out how they made the game register me as having attacked/killed people, but somehow they did, and that cannot be allowed as it undermines the central integrity of the game, RDO is supposed to allow me to largely have a PVE experience, which is what I want, and how i've largely been playing, if I am denied that there is no point to this game anymore for me. 

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I feel for ya, been there many times, though not nearly as bad.

R*s 'anticheat' is a joke, and they're dead set against giving invite only or solo sessions to avoid cheaters, which is an issue that they clearly will not fix themselves, meanwhile stomping out every solo method they can.

Their priorities are obviously not to provide a decent game experience, only to keep profits high, and nothing else matters to them.


The poker invite method still works from what I hear: 



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43 minutes ago, kcole4001 said:

I feel for ya, been there many times, though not nearly as bad.

R*s 'anticheat' is a joke, and they're dead set against giving invite only or solo sessions to avoid cheaters, which is an issue that they clearly will not fix themselves, meanwhile stomping out every solo method they can.

Their priorities are obviously not to provide a decent game experience, only to keep profits high, and nothing else matters to them.


The poker invite method still works from what I hear: 





 That's interesting and all, but the thing is that I'm not after a totally solitary experience, I actually like seeing other players around once in a while, and cooperating for certain missions, and things like that. My major concern right now is that unless they are willing to edit back my aggression level I can't play due to other players being "warned about me" and of course being placed in sessions with a bunch of PKs. Sure I might be able to trick it into giving me a solo lobby like you suggest, but that defeats the entire purpose of being online to begin with. 


 It hasn't been that long overall since I said something, but my major concern right now is that Rockstar will choose to do nothing about it based on what I've said. That basically means that I'll be forced to try and call Rockstar, have some uselsss customer service person refuse to do anything or provide a refund (especially since I bought Gold Bars to unlock some of the roles), and then I'll have to either make good on my threat of pursing legal action, or doing what I can to become a full time "troll" making to clear the game is unplayably broken. 


 To be entirely fair I can sort of see things from Rockstar's perspective if they are aware of this. In online games editing people's accounts is generally a no-no for companies so fixing mine is probably against internal policies that exist for a reason. Not to mention even if they do, there is nothing to prevent hackers from just doing similar things, and creating an endless chore for them just to maintain status quo. The usual attitude among companies is to remain silent and hope the problem just goes away, the thing is we're in the Covid-19 era and without much else to do (like play RDO) I have nothing better to do with my time than become as big a thorn in their side as I can and potentially rally as many online personalities as I can since this event is a danger to everyone, not just to me.   It's not like i'm going to lie about anything or "troll" them by creating trouble for the sake of trouble. 


 Reality being what it is, as much as I want to play, i'll probably give it a bit and see what happens. Perhaps see if i can get some footage of some of the hacking later when I calm down a bit. 


 At any rate, sorry to ramble. i appreciate the response, and the thought, but at the end of the day even if i do hide in a private lobby non-stop, it doesn't solve anything. The best the poker trick could do would be to totally isolate me from the game community, and at that point why even play online? If I wanted to just play that way I could do the single player storyline which I have minimal interest in at the moment. 

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Well, sincerely best of luck.


It's not other players who are the problem obviously. Cheaters aren't players, they're only goal is to ruin real players' enjoyment, so they are not real players.


I don't know if there's anything that will convince them to do something concrete about cheating, they've had plenty of opportunity, and ban waves are all they've ever done, closing the barn door after the barn's already burned to the ground and the horses stolen.

It's not that they don't know about it, telling us they've recently banned hundreds of thousands of cheaters, the problem is they won't fix it.

That's just complete irresponsibility.


The only real solution are proper servers that can be effectively cheater free, not this peer to peer sh*te.


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 Just an update since I believe in giving credit where credit is due. I wrote a ticket and the messages here and got nothing like an official response, but when I last logged in my aggression level was reset.... so happy ending, and I can only assume the problem was quietly taken care of as almost no real time has passed. 


 Back to hunting and trapping I guess. :)

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