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im dumb pls HELP

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aight, so sometime ago i made a post about rdr2 - i bought it, it had its problems with starting up, but i figured it out... then when i was in the game, the story mode loading was endless, literally - no matter what i do, i literally checked every method to fix it on the internet but it didnt helped me at all, so i decided to go for a refund


now... on the naturalist update topic i saw someone mention his windows 10 version, and i was like "hmm... ok?" so out of curiosity i checked my version of windows 10 too... turns out it's 1903, and the guy mentioned that rdr2 doesnt work officialy on 1909 anymore and u need the newest 2004 - the best part about this? the 1903 version was out like 5 months before the release on rdr2 pc, great


of course on the internet there was some tips to update ur windows 10, but i thought it was about those updates that u have to download when u try to turn off ur pc (when they're avaible ofc) i didnt actually know that those "versions" even exsist

now - i checked, and 2004 version update is avaible for me, im going to install it tomorrow, bc i dont have much time today, but here i am asking u, the community of gtaforums - could it be, that beacuse i had the 1903 version, the story mode wouldnt start on rdr2? (btw. online was starting without any problems)


oh and sorry for my broken english, hope yall can at least understand it

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LOL. The title can be taken a way you didn't intend.

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