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[SOLVED*] Instant CtD on program startup. [III/VC]


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EDIT: I've gone through all three of my other installations (III Modded, VC, VC Modded) to cross-reference the files necessary. In order to fix the game into a running condition, I've had to:

• Add an ASI Loader [Ultimate ASI Loader]
• Apply a Widescreen Fix [ThirteenAG's Widescreen Fix Website]
• Apply SkyGFX with rwd3d9 and the neo folder where necessary. [SkyGFX]

I hope this information will prove useful for others in the future, as I will preserve the original post below. This thread no longer needs to be open.

I've run into a bit of a problem recently, that I did not have two years ago. For seemingly no known reason, I cannot run the GTAIII or Vice City - they simply fire-up, flash the black screen, and then close themselves almost immediately. To clarify any information and procedures made, here is the below list.

• Running Windows 7, 64-bit Architecture.
• Two monitors - Display 1 at 1600x900, Display 2 at 1440x900.
→ Changed the DPIs from 125% to 100%.
→ Running the executable as Administrator.
→ Running the executable in Win98/ME Compatibility Mode.
→ Adding the executable to Data Execution Prevention.

As an addendum, these are relatively unmodified copies of the titles; for mission troubleshooting, I have two folders for each of the Renderware GTA titles; the 'Modded' folders, which are running the game with no issues or crashes whatsoever, and the 'Original' folders, which are the base games games with the bare minimum of mods installed - Silent Patch, Classic Axis, and Portable GTA.

I will try to cross-reference the folders at one point, to see any underlying issues; in the meantime, any help is greatly appreciated.

Edited by LC-DDM
Solved my own issue - thread no longer needs to be open.
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