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Story Mode 2.0


Recommended Posts

Just now, Taelxd said:

I can ask you for a suggestion in the mission "house party" you can add to the bald grove to help in the mission for more "coherence" 

that would take time, right now i'm working for a nice update, it's really taking me hours

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11 hours ago, Taelxd said:

are you doing this conversion alone ???

yes bro, that's why it taking me time, the new update is coming, and there will be more ahead

11 hours ago, Taelxd said:

are you doing this conversion alone ???

also this is not the only mod i'm working in it,so you can see why it taking me more time

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9 hours ago, Taelxd said:

ok bro that explains many things, by the way do you watch Streetskulls videos?

some videos

hey guys, one question, i having a hard time deciding if i change CJ initial clothes to Combat Jacket from Binco, or left it with the Blue Hoody from ZIP

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49 minutes ago, Taelxd said:

Well, I choose the blue sweatshirt since it is not always used.

thank you so much with your answer (even though i've decided by myself, left it with blue hoody but yeah, thank you to making me so sure about my decision)

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i think the update should've been launched by now, thanks to the Cheat Menu mod, i can test the missions i edit, but, there's one mission i edited that i can't play with the cheat menu, so, my only way is playing the game toward that mission, and is a SF mission, so you should wait for a couple of days lol

Edited by DragonYisusXD
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hey guys a thing that i wanted to say, Big Smoke Car isn't really grey, is very colorless weak blue, however, because of the PC reflection, it can't be appreciated, in fact, in PS2 i believe Big Smoke car colors are the same as this mod (it was truly a mistake in carcols numbers of the PC version) i recommend you to use a mod which restored PS2 reflection, and the car will look a little bit blue

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48 minutes ago, RonanCJ said:

Al comienzo de la misión de escena "Etiquetar césped", ¡el juego se bloquea!

Do you use any other mod apart from Story Mode 2.0?

Edited by Taelxd
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15 hours ago, RonanCJ said:

In the start of cutscene mission "Tagging up Turf", the game crash!

do not happen to me

you must try the mod in a clean game, and then you can tell me if my mod is the problem

Edited by DragonYisusXD
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39 minutes ago, Chryxzhealzer said:

do i put in in my scripts folder?


dude, just copy and paste everything in the root folder (where the gta_sa.exe , all the files are located in the exactly same place, don't need to change anything

29 minutes ago, Chryxzhealzer said:

Do i put the  storyMode 2.0.rar in scripts or i use rar becuase im new to this type of stuff


extract all the files inside the rar to the Game folder (you need Winwar or any other program that extract rar files)

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4 minutes ago, Chryxzhealzer said:

it asks me do i want to replace files do i click replace?


i recommend you to wait, i'm going to update right now the mod, in a couple of minutes

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Guys the new update is out, the link is in the first page


 Update Changes

  • the traffic in poor areas in Daytime have been reduced
  • the traffic in night have been increased a little bit
  • the game will start in the morning again (the reason why i did this is because is illogical for sweet to do Mom's Funeral in night, anyway, this is the last time i will change this)
  • You guys remember that long message you get when you are busted or wasted ? well no more, now everytime you get that message scene, you will be able to move after 5 seconds (just like the remastered version)
  • The Seville Boulevad Families and Temple Drive Families now act like one, the Sevilles and Temples are now hostile to the player (not like the ballas to cj but still hostile
  • You can't recruit Seville or Temples anymore (there's still a way to recruit them but you have to find it yourself)
  • the Temple Families from Vinewood Cementery will not attack you but you still can't recruit them (unless...)
  • After Reuniting the Families, Sevilles and Temples will stop being hostile to CJ, and you can also recruit them again (anyway, after The Green Sabre they will dissapear)
  • the Aztecas will again be Hostile to Carl, only, ONLY if the player wears Families Gang Clothes, this i mean only Poor Green Clothes like the Green Hoody or the Green Shirt, any other actually decent Green Clothes like Green Pants or the Green Cap will not make them hostile to you)
  • after High Stake Lowrider, the aztecas will not attack you even with Gang Clothes 
  • since you only f*cks Los Santos Russian Gang, the Russian Mafia in San Fierro will not be agressive toward the player (they still Hostile but not to the same level as the Russian in LS)
  • some gangs density in the game have changed
  • now there's much more new dialogues and more Random Dialogues in LS Missions: Sweet and Kendl, Tagging up Turf, Nines and Ak's, Running Dog, Wrong Side of the Tracks, Just Business, Home Invasion, Catalyst, Robbing Uncle Sam, Los Sepulcros and some extra dialogues in phonecalls, any other dialogues which didn't made it are either dull or didn't fit for the game (note: only i recovered Dialogues from LS missions, later i will use more unused dialogues in more missions)
  • Burglary Trucks will not spawn until after Home Invasion
  • After The Green Sabre, the game will skip 7 days in-game (you can even see the Days passed stat change)
  • in Mike Toreno, the Bikers will appears as Toreno Kidnappers
  • since the cutscene was unavalible for the player, i have made CJ have only 5% of Lung Capacity, so you would still need to increase Lung Capacity, but the game ask you only above 5% of Lung Capacity to start the mission, so, you don't have to spend much time increase it)
  • in Pier 69, Ryder Position is changed to the Left Side of the Pier (this is to create a continuation with Ryder Overkill scene)
  • Rifas now controls Bayside instead of the Vagos
  • Grove 4 Life, Eastside and Southside Idlewwod are no longer necessary for the mission, you can take this 2 territories before Grove 4 Life and you didn't have to take over again, however if you don't take any of this 2 territories you can take back for the mission)
  • i have decreased a little bit the Enemies accuracy in Breaking the Bank at Caligula and End of the Line


Edited by DragonYisusXD
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33 minutes ago, Taelxd said:

Are you going to use the skins that Cleoude sent you and make the suggestion I asked for?

oh yeah i forgot that, anyway this is not the last patch so.......

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2 minutes ago, Taelxd said:

5 houses were left unused in the internal files do you think you can reactivate them.
could you implement the graffiti of the Rifa?

sadly i don't how how to edit the graffiti thing, and i'm pretty sure the interiors needs also edit the map 

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